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where to buy eastwood paint

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What kind of store is Eastwood auto paint?

Eastwood is an auto paint store that believes in providing superior knowledge and service with each sale, so give us a call, read up on painting in our tech library or stop by a store anytime you have a question. What are the two types of automotive paint finishes?

Why choose Eastwood for auto finishes?

From basic car touch-up paint to refinishing a car from the bare metal, Eastwood helps DIYers Do the Job Right. Our huge selection starts with an assortment of automotive finishes.

What other products does Clint Eastwood make?

Apart from these tools, Eastwood also produces and sells many others, including air compressors, bead rollers, mini-mills, abrasive media and soda dual tank blasters, etc. Who makes Eastwood paint? Speculation abounds about the origins of Eastwood paints, but the truth is, no one can know for sure.

How do you use Eastwood clear coat?

As for the Eastwood clear coat I followed directions for each can shaking first, then puncturing the internal canister and shaking. I used 4 cans of Eastwood shooting light coats, letting each flash then one last heavier coat. I did get orange peel.

What paint do you use on a car?

Pearlescent and Metallic Paint: Vehicles from the 1990s to the present tend to use these paint types, although they were introduced as far back as the ‘70s. Pearls and metallics feature flakes, usually aluminum or mica, in a solid base pigment that creates a multicolored appearance. While modern, these auto paints pose a few challenges in application. Instead of targeting an area, you may want to sand and paint a full body panel to eliminate potential lines.

What is the undercoat of a car?

Primer: This is what some call the undercoat. No matter the name you want to use, primer prepares the vehicle’s metal surface to accept and hold onto the paint. Without it, the paint won’t bond and you’ll eventually experience adhesion issues, like cracks, flaking, chips and rusting due to oxidation. As a tip, because primer can add a textured look, sand between coats to create a smooth appearance.

Why do you need primer when painting metal?

The short answer is, almost always. Primer is essential for avoiding adhesion and rusting issues down the road , especially if you’ll be painting on bare metal. Ultimately, primer acts as a bonding agent.

Why does my car not shine?

To start, aspects like paint quality and surface contamination decrease the shine. Unfortunately, the more you drive around — and the more your car is exposed to moisture, UV rays, bird droppings, road tar and bugs — the less shine it ends up having. As you maintain your car, you can use clay to remove some of the contaminants.

What is automotive paint?

Automotive paint is a complicated subject — far more involved than adding a coat to a wall or siding along your home. In general, automotive paint consists of a pigment that’s dissolved in water or a solvent, allowing it to be sprayed with a paint gun.

What do aluminum flakes do?

Over-sized aluminum flakes bring big life to this strong blue, adding a wild glitter effect in direct light.

What solution is used to dissolve pigment?

Solvent: Solvent solutions are more common. They utilize lacquer, urethane or enamel to dissolve the pigment.

More items to explore

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Product Description

E astwood 2K High-Gloss Aerosol allows you to paint with the durability and precision of a two-component coating without the paint gun! Formulated with Eastwood proprietary technology to provide a long-lasting and durable finish, while keeping its beautiful finish for years.

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Is undercoating a car a professional level process?

Now that your vehicle is back to prime condition, let’s keep it that way. Your new paint job is not just about the beauty of a pristine look. A professional-level process, including undercoating spray and finishing wax, is added protection from deterioration.

Is auto paint a fine art?

No pressure, but auto paint and body work is a fine art. Having the right tools and supplies, including large items like air compressors, grinders, sanders and media blasters, makes a big difference in the quality of the finish. Additional components and equipment for auto paint projects include:

Can rust spread over time?

Unnoticed and untreated rust can spread over time, perforating the metal entirely, which requires panel replacement. It’s important that all the metal you are restoring is clean and free from rust. Rust proofing involves using abrasives or chemical rust removers to target existing rust formation and stop it from spreading.

The Company

The Eastwood Company is an award-winning American brand that helps car-owners and enthusiasts with DIY work by providing a diverse range of automotive products (This is apropos of their company motto which reads “Do it Yourself” and “Do the Jobs Right”).

Products and their Key Features

The Eastwood Company provides car owners with a miscellaneous selection of automotive restoration products and automotive tools. These products come in the form of welders, paints, rust treatments, specialty coatings, powder coating, abrasive blasting, metal shop, etc.

Who makes Eastwood paint?

Speculation abounds about the origins of Eastwood paints, but the truth is, no one can know for sure. Many people claim that the company simply buys off other paints in large quantities and simply brands them to sell off at overpriced amounts but there is no substance to that claim. Eastwood paint seems to be supplied by different distributors.


Ideally, car restoration products are supposed to have prices that are on par with their quality. That forms most of the basis of price ranges for many different automotive products (even for products outside the automotive industry).


Reviews on Eastwood products seem to be mixed. As is the case for every other sector, there are a lot of review sites where customers can go to complain about, or praise the products they buy. On some of these, Eastwood has reviews as terrible as 1 out of 5 stars. On others, the reviews range from mixed to adulatory.


All in all, EastwoodCo is a company that has been providing material for car lovers to explore their passions and to give their cars new chances on the road. Whether they are good or not at it is open for exploration.

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