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where to buy benjamin moore paint

where to buy benjamin moore paint插图

Best answer

Right now,the only place to buy Benjamin Moore paint is through their individual storefrontsor through their website online. Outside of that,you will not find Benjamin Moore paints at any other retailer for the time being. When purchasing online,the selection is far greater,and you can have it shipped to your door for maximum convenience.

People also ask

  • Can you buy Benjamin Moore paint at a hardware store?

  • Benjamin Moore is only available at independently owned paint and hardware stores. It is an unparalleled retail experience whether you need interior or exterior, premium or commercial-grade paint or stain. Benjamin Moore paint stores are ready to serve you. Knowledge is mixed into every can of Benjamin Moore paint.

  • What is the best paint brush for Benjamin Moore paint?

  • As the result of extensive testing, Benjamin Moore nylon/polyester professional paintbrushes are custom-blended to deliver the highest levels of performance with Benjamin Moore paints. They have just-right flex and taper for even coverage. Exceptional paint capacity provides the fastest results.

  • How many colors does Benjamin Moore have?

  • Renowned for its expansive and curated color portfolio, Benjamin Moore offers more than 3,500 colors that are unmatchable and can only be achieved with Benjamin Moore products. Only Benjamin Moore paint has Gennex Color Technology鈥搕he science behind their quality.

  • Does Benjamin Moore deliver to just down the street?

  • Just Down The Street. Our innovative products are found at over 5,000 independently owned paint and hardware stores throughout North America. But if for some reason the product you need is out of stock, we can usually have it delivered to the store overnight. You can buy paint samples at your local Benjamin Moore store.

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