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what to paint ideas

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What are some fun and easy things to paint?

Here are 12 Fun Easy Acrylic Paint Ideas Techniques to Inspire Your Creativity!Scraped Backgrounds Acrylic Paint Technique. Scraped backgrounds are super easy to do with acrylic paint,and can be a lot of fun. …Underpainting Technique With Acrylic Paint. Underpainting is a technique where you paint the first layer in one color and then after it dries go over it with another color.Water Drops Acrylic Paint Idea. …More items…

What are some easy painting ideas?

Simple Canvas Painting Ideas For BeginnersColor Splash Canvas Art. Do you have absolutely no idea about drawing any object? …Canvas Quote Paintings. Writing great quotes with marvelous handwriting is an authentic piece of art too,and is no less if compared to other easy canvas painting ideas.Geometrical Shapes Canvas Painting. …Cloud Painting On Canvas. …Forest Painting On Canvas. …More items…

How to decide what paint to use when painting?

When working with different colors for each room,a good rule of thumb is to use a darker or lighter color in adjacent rooms. …Choose a flow-through paint. …When standing in one room,consider all the adjacent rooms that you can see. …Choose colors that have the same temperature (i.e. …More items…

How to find original painting ideas?

Look at the front and back of the piece.Examine the patina of the piece itself: dirt and dust of the ages,texture,the brightness of colors,or lack thereof.Study the canvas,do a thread count,modern or old?Is there some patina on the back surface of the canvas?Look for anachronisms. If the canvas is stapled on the back of a 1800’s piece of art,something is wrong.

What type of paint should you choose?

Choosing a type of paint for your work can be quite overwhelming at times given all the varieties out there. Some paint types can be more durable than others or can completely change the look of your final work of art. The right paint choice can be very important in accomplishing your artistic goal, depending on what you are creating.

What supplies will you need?

Once you choose the paint type you want to work with, you can focus on other supplies. Outside of your paint set, you will need brushes, possibly a canvas or painting paper, and maybe even an easel if you’re feeling fancy. We have recommendations for three of the most popular types of paint.

Painting Tutorials

If you don’t have a vast knowledge of painting, any one of these ideas can be daunting to start putting pigment to canvas. Here are some painting tutorials to try which will teach you how to paint a particular subject while giving you confidence for future works of art.

What medium is best for painting galaxies?

The way watercolor paints blend and bloom together makes them an ideal medium for painting galaxies.

What is a good watercolor project for beginners?

Colorful crystals are a good watercolor project for beginners.

Can you paint peonies on paper?

Not all flower paintings need to be figurative. These abstract peonies give the impression of the flower without getting bogged down in precise details. It’s one of the best easy acrylic painting ideas for beginners on canvas, but you can also paint it on paper. Take the Class.

What paint do you use to paint roses?

These stylized roses are easy to paint with acrylics.

Is gouache a good medium for illustrations?

Gouache is a good medium for illustrations and graphic images, such as this cute racoon that would be right at home in a storybook for kids.

Can you paint fruit on canvas?

Gouache paints are favored for their strong pigments, and the vibrant colors of fruit are a good subject to paint when practicing with this medium. This is one of the go-to canvas painting ideas for beginners, but it can be done on paper, too.

Can you paint shoes with watercolor paint?

Learning to paint shoes with watercolor paints will give you the chance to practice creating white space, which can be tricky with watercolors.

Paint ideas – for every room and surface

These paint ideas will inspire a whole new look for your home, perhaps just a room or even only a piece of furniture. Whatever, they have the power to create a dramatic transformation in hours.

1. Paint panelling a warm color for an inviting, warm entryway

A hardworking and always on-the-go home space, entryway surfaces demand the toughest of finishes and savvy shade choices to keep them looking great for longer. When searching for hallway paint ideas, choose washable or even scrubbable quality paint, using a satin finish for woodwork.

2. Experiment with color on woodwork

It’s a classic choice and perfectly natural to reach for a white or off-white color when painting woodwork, especially in hallways, but by choosing a less obvious shade, you can create a far more sophisticated effect – plus you can use this color to connect to adjoining rooms that might use that shade as an accent shade.

3. Build up ombre shades on your stairwell

If you are looking for paint ideas that create a visual trick, particularly around making a space look larger, an ombre paint effect – with darker shades lower down and lighter shades above – is a good solution.

4. Add layers of tonal color to make a space appear larger

Wrapping a space in warming layers of color not only creates a smart, cohesive feel, it can make a room feel bigger than it actually is. Patrick O’ Donnell, Brand Ambassador at Farrow & Ball agrees: ‘Carrying the wall color onto all of your woodwork creates the illusion of more space.’

5. Try a stylish paint effect that’s contemporary, too

New directions with formulations and decorating techniques means dated paint effects have been replaced with sophisticated washes, textures and brushwork – perfect for living room paint ideas that add a touch of depth to a wall, a must-have in contemporary homes, which can lack architectural detailing.

6. Paint a ceiling in a bold shade

While most people tend to paint walls in a feature color, consider flipping the look by choosing a bold color for your ceiling instead. Compared to an all-white ceiling, a colorful one will add drama and personality to a room, while making it feel cozier, too.

How to make paint brushes look timeless?

To make your paint brush masterpieces look timeless, opt for dreamy pastel colors that you can find in the vintage colors chalk markers set, and paint away. You can do faces, abstract designs, messages, or whatever you want to create on your brushes. One thing’s for sure, you’ll enjoy giving them more character.

What is the best way to paint flowers?

Watercolor is best for this technique as you usually use it with water mixed in. You can practice this technique with a flower painting, and allow the different washes of colors to soak in. Once your paint dries, do the flower’s outline in a darker shade, which adds a nice gradient effect to your artwork.

What is the best paint for opacity?

Watercolor is the most flexible paint in terms of opacity and texture. If you want to create an artwork that combines painting, illustrating, shading, and even lettering, watercolor is your best bet. For the fine details to be more visible, adjust the transparency of your paint by adding more water.

What medium to use for gradient painting?

Make this your inspiration to practice gradient painting using different shades and color combinations. Watercolor is the ideal medium for this because it’s easy to layer and blend, and you can control the opacity depending on the amount of water you add to your paint.

How many techniques are there to paint?

We narrowed down our top choices and put together our best-of-the-best selection to give you 78 incredible techniques that will spark your creativity and bring art into your life. So, if you’re ready to delight your inner artist, dive in!

Can you paint on glass?

With its rich pigment and consistency, acrylic paint will show up and hold well on any glass surface. And a great way to reuse any piece of glass is to paint on it. Just like the striking Koi artwork you see below, a vibrant painting on glass can add extra oomph to any space.

Can you paint on black paper?

Paint On Black Paper. Contrary to popular belief, the color of your paint won’t get drowned out or it won’t look muted when applied on dark paper. In fact, with watercolor brush pens, you’ll get a striking and contrasting effect, like the bold and bright artwork you see below.

What is the easiest succulent to paint?

Elise Engh Studios. A cactus is one of the easier succulents to paint because there isn’t much to them. This tutorial from Elise Engh Studios is perfect for beginner watercolor artists. It explains simple watercolor methods that you can apply to other paintings as well.

Who wrote "easy things to paint for beginners"?

Easy Things to Paint for Beginner Artists. Written by. Lauren Thomann. Lauren Thomann is a freelance writer and business owner who covers DIY projects and home renovation on The Spruce. In 2014, she joined Dotdash as an expert writer, focused on fine jewelry topics. Learn about The Spruce Crafts’ Editorial Process.

Can you paint abstract hearts?

Cyndy from The Creativity Exchange explains how you and your friends can throw a painting party and each make an abstract heart painting using acrylics. The painting is easy enough for everyone to complete but pretty enough that you’ll want to hang it in your home.

Is pouring acrylic painting fun?

You may have seen several paint pouring videos pop up on social media lately. While they are relaxing to watch, the technique is even more fun to do. Jen from The House of Wood has perfected the acrylic pouring technique and has shared a helpful tutorial on her blog. The best part about this painting technique is that no two pieces of art will look alike.

Is Nicole from the Inspired Hive good at drawing?

Nicole from The Inspired Hive took part in a blank canvas challenge and claims that she isn’t good at drawing or painting. If she can make a painting work, so can you. Check out her blog post to see how she transformed three colors into a farmhouse inspired piece of artwork.

What medium is best for painting landscapes?

The bold strokes and ability to layer paint make acrylic painting the ideal medium for many landscapes and subject matter. Give these painting ideas a try if you’re using acrylic.

How to get kids into painting?

If you want to get your kids into painting, the key is to give them a foundation to let their imagination run wild. These painting ideas are great to try and see what amazing paintings they bring to life.

Can you blend watercolor paint?

Messy creatives will love watercolor, as you can blend and be far less precious with your brushstrokes. These painting ideas lend themselves well to watercolor.

Can overthinking be a problem?

When it comes to painting, overthinking can be a huge problem . So let us take the pressure off deciding what to paint, and use our 100+ ideas to create paintings that will help you grow as a painter, and find an outlet for your creative energy.

Can you paint on paper?

If you’re painting on simple paper or notepads, you’ll want to not get too heavy with the paints. These painting ideas are a good choice when paper is your medium of choice.

What paint did Jennifer from Dimples and Tangles use?

Jennifer from Dimples and Tangles used gold metallic paint over a blue background to stencil this beautiful wall panel.

Why paint horizontal stripes?

Paint horizontal stripes to make a small room feel wider.

What color is Kati’s wall?

Kati from Houseful of Handmade made her wall look like beautiful handmade blue and white tile.

What fabric pattern looks good on a wall?

Damask is another traditional fabric pattern that looks great on the wall.

What color is Jessica Welling’s wall?

She painted lines in different shades of gray and black to create a cool look for her wall.

What is the theme of wall murals?

Bringing the outside in is a common theme among wall murals.

How did Cassie Bustamente create a statement?

Cassie from Cassie Bustamente created a statement in her hallway by hand-painting graphic hills on the walls. Even if you’re artistically challenged, drawing lines like these shouldn’t be too daunting. And they definitely add some zing to a long blank wall.

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