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what paint to use on dresser

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QAW Milk Paint
General FinishesQAW Milk Paint. This is a highly rated furniture paint that will look great on your dresser. It sticks well to surfaces and won’t chip or fade easily. You don’t need a top coat for the paint,and its characteristics make it a great option to use for dressers in high-traffic rooms.

What kind of paint to use on a dresser?

What kind of paint do you use on a dresser? For furniture it’s best to use a satin or semigloss finish in either a latex or an oil-based paint. Never leave primer unpainted.

How to refinish a dresser with chalked paint?

Step by step guide to painting furniture with Chalk PaintRemove any hardware,such as handles,from your furniture if possible.Give your piece a quick clean with a damp cloth (avoid any harsh chemicals).Stir your chosen Chalk Paint colour. …Dip your brush in,and apply the paint straight onto the furniture. …Wait for the first coat to be touch dry. …Once dry,apply a second coat in the same manner.More items…

How to paint and decoupage a dresser?

If your dresser has an existing finish that’s already smooth,sand with a 220-grit sanding sponge and then wipe clean with a moist cloth. …Remove the drawers and tape off the furniture to paint. I like to use FolkArt Home Decor Chalk to cover my furniture pieces. …Use a roller (as opposed to a brush) to get the smoothest finish. …

How to paint a dresser high gloss?

Wood Filler (optional) use only if you need to repair holesPrimer you want to use a good primer,after making the mistake and using another one I ALWAYS use Zinsser Smart Prime–it is no to low VOC and covers the …Paint For furniture,I use Benjamin Moore Semi-Gloss Natura in semi-gloss or Benjamin Moore Advanced which is a low VOC cabinet paint. …More items…

What to do with a wooden dresser that needs a revamp?

If you’ve bought a wooden dresser that needs a revamp or want to change your current option’s look and feel, getting some quality paint is always an excellent way to transform the look and appearance.

What is Beyond Paint BP19?

The Beyond Paint BP19 is a refinishing paint made for wooden dressers and other such pieces of furniture. Like many others on the list, it’s also a multi-purpose option that doesn’t require you to prime, degrease, strip, or sand the dresser before you get started with the painting process.

Can you paint outside with fumes?

It would be best if you kept the work area properly ventilated. Even paints that don’t have a strong smell can still contain fumes you don’t want to inhale for long. Ideally, it would help if you painted outside to ensure proper ventilation. However, if this isn’t feasible, keep the doors and windows open and use an exhaust fan if you have one.

Is it a good idea to base your choice of paint on whether it contains any substances that are harmful to your?

We are more environmentally aware today than ever, so more people are paying attention to the content of the paint they buy . Therefore, it’s a good idea to base your choice of paint on whether it contains any substances that are harmful to your family’s health or the environment.

Can you paint a dresser that is too close to a window?

Is your dresser too close to a window or a door that leads outside? You have to consider how the elements will affect the paint before making a decision. While most paints you can use on your dresser are marketed as durable, some of them will begin to look different if the dresser is left under direct sunlight all the time. The paint will most likely peel or crack under the constant heat. The same applies if the dresser is prone to moisture.

Does Hemway paint smell?

Do you want to give your wooden dresser a matte finish? This paint from Hemway should be high on your list. It has no smell, and you only need just a single coat to transform the look and feel of your worn-out dresser.

Can you use chalk paint on a wooden dresser?

This chalk paint from Frenchic is without any toxic elements and can allow you to transform your wooden dresser quickly. You don’t have to shake, stir, or worry about how much water to mix into the can. It comes with a creamy texture and also has excellent coverage. Apply it directly to your wooden dresser and leave it to dry to get a captivating distressed look.

What kind of paint to use on wood dresser?

Honestly, it all depends on what you are wanting your dresser to look like in the end.

What is the best paint for a brush free finish?

General Finishes milk paint has amazing leveling properties that help create a brush free finish. Chalk paint is known for texture and brush marks, so if you’re looking to get a brush free finish while painting with a brush, milk paint is the best option.

What paintbrush do I use for chalk paint?

Again, you can use whatever brush you want. But I would recommend either the Painting Sponge or a Zibra paintbrush (find out more about those above in the chalk paint and milk paint sections).

What is the difference between milk and chalk paint?

Chalk paint comes pre-mixed, while milk paint comes in a powder form. Chalk paint creates a solid color finish, while milk paint has variations of color. Milk paint is known for the chippy finish it can create while chalk paint is known for an opaque finish.

What is the best thing about Zibra paint brushes?

But the best thing about Zibra paintbrushes is that they come in different shapes. The round brush is nice for spindles and getting into details and tends to be my very favorite!

How much is latex paint?

The cheapest option for just the paint is latex paint at less than $15 per quart. But when you think of the primer and water-based poly needed to complete a dresser in latex paint, it really isn’t the cheapest option. (But it is typically the most locally accessible.)

What does milk paint do to furniture?

Milk paint makes your furniture look old!

How Much Paint Do You Need?

A quart of The Spruce Best Home Chalky Finish Paint will cover 60 to 100 square feet. That is enough paint to cover an average dresser with two to three coats.

How to make a dresser look new again?

One way to make a dresser seem new again is to improve its function. This quick trick will help old wooden dressers slide better and not get stuck. Buff on a clear wax finish on the wood rails of the dresser drawer. Additionally buff on the same wax finish on the inner rails where the wood rubs against each other.

How many square feet does a quart of spruce paint cover?

A quart of The Spruce Best Home Chalky Finish Paint will cover 60 to 100 square feet. That is typically enough paint to cover an average dresser with two to three coats. Lauren Thomann / Heirlooms at Home.

How to open drawers without pulls?

Don’t make the mistake of shutting the drawers without the pulls in place. If you do, use a flathead screwdriver to gently pry the drawer open.

What do you need to do with chalk paint?

If you are using another type of paint, you’ll need to sand down a lacquer and shiny finish so that the paint adheres. Lauren Thomann / Heirlooms at Home.

How long do solid wood dressers last?

Solid hardwood dressers are often built like tanks and meant to last for decades. If you have one that’s looking a little worn, don’t trash it or give it away as a freebie. It likely has several good years left in it, so why not refurbish it with paint?

Can you repaint an antique dresser?

Before you grab your paintbrush and get started, remember that not all dressers are good candidates for repainting or refinishing. Antique dressers should be evaluated before painting to make sure that altering the appearance won’t devalue the piece. This dresser had been painted numerous times and the faux wood look using brown paint was heavy and worn.

How do I paint a dresser?

The materials that you need will vary slightly based on the type of and condition of dresser that you are starting with. Here are some basics: 1 A dresser 2 Sand paper – medium and fine grit – an orbital sander makes this faster! 3 Primer – spray paint or in a can with a brush 4 Paint – latex paint is my go to 5 High quality paint brush OR foam brush 6 High density foam mini roller 7 Polyeurathane or sealant of choice 8 Drop cloths to protect your flooring

How to get rid of a bump in primer?

This will help with any lumps or drips. Always follow the directions on your primer can. I usually use 220 grit sandpaper to just lightly sand and remove any tiny bumps.

Why do you need to sand paint over another paint job?

2. to rough up the underlying material so your paint sticks better. If you paint over another paint job, the slick topcoat can cause your new paint to scratch or chip more easily. Sanding is the best option for a durable finish.

How many coats of paint should I use on a dresser?

You might need a brush for smaller or more intricate spots. I usually do 2 – 3 coats of paint when repainting a dresser. If you think that your paint job looks good after 1 – 2 coats, you can call it a day. It will all depend on the paint color and the color of the dresser underneath.

What to do with paint that has cured?

Once your paint job has fully cured, you probably want to apply a sealant to your dresser. A clear sealant will act as a top coat protectant and keep your dresser’s new paint from getting damaged.

What grit is used for sandpaper?

Sand paper – medium and fine grit – an orbital sander makes this faster!

What to do if your dresser is damaged?

If your dresser is damaged, apply wood filler, allow to dry, and sand smooth. This is your chance to fix any imperfections!

How to get gunk out of a thrifted dresser?

Try using a steam cleaner (I recommend the HomeRight Steam Machine) to get the deep down gunk out of the dresser. You can find a full video tutorial HERE for all of the Steam Machine’s uses, plus see how I used the steam cleaner to blast those dirty thrifted file cabinets I used in my basement home office DIY desk.

How to prevent paint drips on dresser?

It’s that simple. Where you need to be careful is that you don’t overload your paintbrush. Overloading your paintbrush will leave your dresser with drips. To prevent paint drips, keep the paint on your brush light. To remove paint drips, smooth them out before they dry. If they’re already dry, lightly sand them smooth after they dry and touch up the paint lightly.

How long does it take for paint to dry on a dresser?

Be sure you let the paint dry in between coats. Some paints suggest 2-4 hours of drying time in between. I’ve done second coats in about 1 hour. You might even need to do THREE coats, depending on your dark your dresser is.

How to cover bleed in paint?

If you run into this problem, use an oil-based primer (try KILZ Original spray primer, and be sure to use it outdoors–it stinks) with 2 coats to cover the bleed. Be sure to let it dry completely in between the two coats. Then start painting once it fully dries. I’d let it dry 24 hours.

How many coats should I put on a dresser?

My rule of thumb is: the more heavily used something will be, the more coats you should add. So for a dresser top, I think 2-3 coats would be fine.

How to add clear wax to a sandpaper?

To add clear wax, simply wipe on a thin coat, let it dry for a few minutes, and then buff it out. It will leave a smooth, slight satin appearance. Don’t panic if it looks streaky. Just keep going over it and buffing it out.

How to smooth out scratches on wood?

You’ll need a medium grit sandpaper of 150-grit, followed by a 220-grit fine sandpaper to smooth out the scratches. You can do this either by hand or using an orbital sander. Be sure to wear a dust mask, too. If you’ve got deep gouges, use a bit of wood filler to fill any gouges or scratches, then sand them smooth when the wood filler dries so it can be painted over. The surface should turn out very smooth!

What is chalky paint?

Reclaiming vintage furniture or giving newer pieces old-world charm has led to a rise in popularity for chalky paint. This water-based paint typically has latex as its base, but delivers a thicker, buildable texture.

What is high gloss paint?

High-gloss: A glossy paint finish will give your pieces the most drama and durability —but demands the most prep. High-gloss paints reflect a lot of light and their increased concentration of resins makes them able to withstand a lot of use and cleaning. But beware—a surface with this much sheen will amplify imperfections. So if you opt for this type of paint for furniture, you’ll need to make sure it’s prepped and ready and any imperfections have been remedied.

What is milk paint made of?

This non-toxic paint is made from milk protein with an activator, typically lime or Borax. Color pigments are added to change the tint of the paint. Milk paint for furniture is popular for its eco-friendly ingredients with no chemicals or added fumes.

What is oil based paint?

Oil-based paint, also sometimes called alkyd paint, is a durable type of paint for furniture. However, this durability comes at a cost—oil-based paints are usually more expensive, take longer to dry, and have high levels of VOCs that require abundant ventilation.

How to clean acrylic paint?

Drying times are short for acrylic paint, so you can apply several coats in a relatively short period of time—but you will need to give it plenty of time to fully cure once the project is complete. Clean-up is also easy with just soap and water, since it’s a water-based paint. It should be noted that acrylic paint does have more elasticity to resist chipping or cracking than some other types of water-based paint, but is still best suited for pieces with light to moderate use.

What is the best paint finish for furniture?

If you opt for a washable formula, you’ll find it easier to keep clean. Semi-gloss: This might be the best paint finish for furniture, since a semi-gloss paint reflects light well and stands up to washing and the demands of increased use.

Is semi gloss paint durable?

The greater concentration of resins in a semi-gloss formula make this paint more durable for furniture you actually plan to put to work. Many people like the shiny finish, too. High-gloss: A glossy paint finish will give your pieces the most drama and durability—but demands the most prep.

What is the best paint for furniture?

This Rust-Oleum Gloss Furniture Paint is the best paint for furniture on a multitude of surfaces and there is no need to prime or sand down the furniture before application. It’s highly concentrated, meaning a little goes a long way with this paint, and you’ll find it’s slightly shinier than the standard satin paint. It comes in a wide range of bold colours such as black and grey – perfect if you love dark and atmospheric interiors.

What is the best paint to use for chalk paint?

If you love the look of chalk paint but need a more durable solution, you can either seal the paint with a wax or polyurethane, or opt for a more durable paint in a matte finish. Acrylic paints are typically more durable than chalk paint.

How long does it take for a paint coat to dry?

There’s no need to sand or prime your surface beforehand, and one coat takes only two hours to dry, so you’ll be able to use your updated piece of furniture in no time. Definitely the best furniture paint if you are after really quick results. 7.

Which is more durable, acrylic or chalk paint?

Acrylic paints are typically more durable than chalk paint. They can be wiped and scrubbed, and cure to a hard finish that’s more resistant to scratches.

Is it eco friendly to upcycle furniture?

Upcycling using the best furniture paint is also an eco-friendly way to stop good furniture from ending up in landfill and to give it a new lease of life in your home, creating a piece of furniture that’s one-of-a-kind in the process

Is eggshell paint wipeable?

As far as function goes, gloss, semi-gloss, and eggshell paints are wipeable and easier to clean than matte, flat, or chalk finishes. Different paints come in a different range of finishes, so you’ll want to look for one that offers the level of sheen you want, or be prepared to add a sealer or topcoat to achieve it.

Is chalk paint a good paint?

If you’re looking to do a simple refresh on a piece that’s in good repair, and don’t want to spend a ton of time on your DIY project, chalky paint is the quickest, easiest way to go. That’s because chalk paint doesn’t require a sanded or primed surface (although you’ll often get longer-lasting results if you complete those steps), or a sealer.

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