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what kind of paint to use on stone fireplace

what kind of paint to use on stone fireplace插图

Latex paint

How do you paint a stone fireplace?

Lay down a drop cloth and remove all tools and accessories from around the fireplace area. …Tape off around the area to be painted and the mantel so paint doesn’t spill over.Clean the stones using soap and water or brick and stone spray cleaner and a scrub brush. …Create a whitewash mixture with paint and water (ratio 1:1) and stir.More items…

What is the best tile for a fireplace?

What Type of Tile Should Go in Front of a Fireplace?Porcelain Tile. Ceramic tile is made in two forms: porcelain and non-porcelain. …Non-Porcelain. Non-porcelain tile is usually finished with a durable glaze of color and patterns. …Granite. Granite is the hardest building stone available. …Slate. Slate is another extremely durable natural stone tile. …Best Option. …

How to whitewash a stone fireplace?

Whitewash Stone Fireplace Step by Step TutorialGather Whitewash Materials. This whitewash stone fireplace was really trial and error. …Prep your area. One of the downsides of using a whitewash is that it splatters and drips and can get on everything. …Mix your Whitewash. We started with a 50:50 ratio of paint to water. …Start Whitewashing. Just dip your brush in and get started! …

How to paint over interior stone?

What You Will NeedReparation. Wash the stone surface using the vinegar. …A Slick Surface. Using a spray bottle and some clean water,dampen the surface with a light mist. …Priming. While priming is optional,it is certainly recommended for a couple of reasons. …Paint. Choose a latex acrylic stucco paint and paint a fresh coat over the primed surface. …

What Type of Paint Should You Use on a Stone Fireplace?

There are several types of paint that can be used on a stone fireplace. The most common types of paint used are oil based primer or water based primer along with latex paint in flat, eggshell, satin, or semi-gloss, or gloss. It’s up to you whether or not you want to prime your stone before painting. Acrylic latex primer and two coats of latex paint covers darker stone well when using light colored paint. Chalk paint, acrylic stucco paint, watered down paint, milk paint, and latex paint are all good options as well.

What is the firebox in a fireplace?

The firebox is an often forgotten part of the fireplace when a remodel has been done. A fresh coat of paint on the stone and you’re done, right? Wrong! The fireplace needs a little TLC as well. After all, that’s the part of the fireplace that does all the hard work. The area where the fire burns gets sooty and dirty. Even if you don’t burn real wood, gas logs can cause unsightly soot stains in the walls of the firebox as well. The firebox is the focal point of the fireplace so it needs to look fresh and clean. Even though high temp paint comes in a variety of colors, the most popular choice is black since it hides soot stains easily.

What color is the Brick-Anew paint kit?

The Brick-Anew paint kit gives a natural brick look instead of a solid painted look. The kits come in 3 color choices: Twilight Taupe which is a combination of light taupe, tan, beige and creamy beige; Misty Harbor which includes shades of light gray, light tan, and creamy ivory; and Frosted Sunshine which has shades of light tan, medium tan, and yellowish cream.

What is a fireplace surround?

The fireplace surround is the decorative wood that goes around the firebox opening. A surround can be described as a type of mantel. Painting a wooden surround is an easy way to update the look of your stone fireplace. After painting the stone, you might decide the surround is too dark and you want to lighten it up or that it needs a pop of dramatic color such as dark gray or black to contrast with a lighter painted stone.

What is whitewashing stone?

Whitewashing gives a subtle painted look where the stone peeks through a thin layer of paint. The whitewash tones down dark, harsh looking stone and gives it a lighter, softer look. Popular whitewashing colors include light gray and white.

How to clean paint brushes?

Clean brushes with warm soapy water. Remove painter’s tape and drop cloth. Seal containers with unused paint and dispose of empty cans.

How to test paint on stone?

Test the paint by brushing it over a stone and see if you like the look or if you need to add additional paint for more coverage..

What Type of Paint Should You Use on a Stone Fireplace?

This depends on whether your fireplace is active or not. An active stone fireplace will require heat-resistant paint that can withstand up to 250 degrees of heat.

What can go wrong?

The main challenge with painting a stone fireplace is the use of the wrong paint and failure to use a primer. While this isn’t an issue in inactive fireplaces, it’s a big problem for active fireplaces.

What is a fireplace surround?

The fireplace surround refers to that framework protruding from the outer wall of the fireplace and surrounds its opening. In some cases, this surround could be made from stone, but most times it’s made from wood. If you want to paint it to a lighter or darker color, you’ll need; Drop cloth.

How to whitewash a stone?

Next, mix one-part water with one part of the latex or chalk paint and stir. If the color is what you were looking for, brush on the solution over each stone and use the staining pad or a rag to wipe away any excess paint.

What is faux painting?

Painting for natural and textured looks (Faux painting) Faux painting is a painting technique that basically replicates the appearance of your stone fireplace. If you don’t want to whitewash or paint a solid color, this painting option allows you to retain the authentic ‘stone’ look but in lighter shade/color.

How to make a fireplace look more modern?

Lighting – If the fireplace is in a dark room such as the basement, painting light colors like creamy white can help brighten the room. White fireplaces also make a room appear more modern.

What is the best paint for interiors?

The most popular option in the market today is interior latex paints coupled with an oil-based or water-based primer and sealer. Latex paints are quite easy to use, have no unpleasant odors, are more durable, and come with a wide range of finish options including gloss, semi-gloss, flat, eggshell, and satin.

Best Paint for Stone Fireplaces

The first step to painting a stone fireplace and getting the results you want is to purchase primer and paint that work well over stone. Just using leftover paint from a previous project, such as painting bedroom walls or painting a deck, is not recommended.

How to Prep for Painting a Stone Fireplace

When it comes to learning how to prep for painting a stone fireplace, all you really need to keep in mind is that the few steps involved are worth taking. With a little prep work, your newly painted stone fireplace will look great for years to come.

How to Paint a Stone Fireplace

You’re now prepped and ready to start painting. So how do you paint a stone fireplace like the professionals? It’s easy! You just need the right tools, materials, primer, and paint, and your stone fireplace painting project is sure to turn out great.

How to Whitewash a Stone Fireplace

Did you know that you can paint a stone fireplace without completely covering up all of the original stone? If you prefer to leave some of the original stone peeking through for a rustic look, you can whitewash your stone fireplace instead of painting it.

What paint should I use for a matte finish?

You should choose a paint based on the final look you want to achieve. Do you want a matte look? Go with a chalk paint or flat paint. Do you want a paint that is easy to wipe off and has a little bit of sheen? Go with a semi-gloss paint. If you want a super shiny finish, choose a high gloss paint.

How do I paint a fireplace?

4. Painting Technique For The Fireplace 1 Start with the grout, in-between the stones. Water down your paint and use either a sponge or paintbrush depending on the size of the space in-between. I used a sponge and pressed the paint/water mixture into the cracks and if the cracks were too small, I used a paintbrush. It will drip down so it’s best to start at the top of the fireplace. 2 Next is painting the stones. I used a small roller for the stones. It’s what I found to be the quickest and easiest way. I also used a paintbrush to get any spots that the roller missed. I didn’t water down the paint used for the stones.

How do I paint a crack in a stone wall?

Start with the grout, in-between the stones. Water down your paint and use either a sponge or paintbrush depending on the size of the space in-between. I used a sponge and pressed the paint/water mixture into the crack s and if the cracks were too small, I used a paintbrush.

Why do I start painting at the top?

The reason I say start at the top is because the paint will drip down and get on bottom stones. It may leave paint streaks if you don’t go over them right away. If you work from the top down, the streaks won’t matter since you’ll be painting over them anyways. If you start at the bottom and go up, you’ll have to paint over the drips right away.

How do I get paint off a wood floor?

For any paint that got on my floors, I just scraped it off once it was dry with a tool like this. Or you could use a lacquer thinner to get it off.

Can you clean paint off a fireplace?

So allowing enough drop cloth around your fireplace is key. After protecting your floors and anything you don’t want paint on, you should clean the fireplace. Dust can accumulate over time and it can tamper with how the paint adheres. Dust can also make the paint thick and chunky.

Is it hard to paint a stone fireplace?

Painting a stone fireplace doesn’t have to be hard. With this guide, you’ll know the tools and techniques you need to paint a fireplace.

Fireplace Paint: What is it?

There is interior and exterior fireplace paint and it is different from the paint you use for sheetrock walls. The interior of the fireplace is called a firebox and it can be painted. The temperature inside the firebox can reach higher than 500 degrees Fahrenheit and normal paints would chip and peel.

Different Types of Fireplace Paints

The type of fireplace paint you get depends on the material that you are painting and the look you want to achieve.

Painted Fireplace Ideas

Painting fireplaces is a popular option as it is quick, inexpensive, and can update any space. Both DIYers and designers love this look and we are here to show you some of the most beautiful ideas.


Choosing to paint your fireplace can be a difficult decision as it is not easy to return the fireplace to its native state. However, a painted fireplace works well with many styles and is the perfect way to refresh the fireplace without a major monetary investment. Consider all the options before beginning this project.

How to get rid of excess paint?

Starting with your darkest color first, add a bit of water to the paint, brush it on using a Signature Brush, then wipe or blot off the excess using a clean rag. A terrycloth towel or painters rag will work best, as opposed to a paper towel.

What is Jolie paint good for?

In addition to brick and stone, Jolie Paint is great for transforming mantels and even sometimes tile around the fireplace. Check out projects by the Jolie Community for more project inspiration.

How many coats of Jolie Signature paint?

This straight forward finish is a great option for those wishing for a total color change or a more modern look. We recommend applying 2-3 coats of a single paint using a Jolie Signature Brush for easy application.

What is a washed finish?

A washed finish is best for those who want to allow some of the original stone or brick to peek through. We find that layering two or three colors in varying tones works best for creating a more natural look.

Do you need topcoat for a fireplace?

Keep in mind we do not recommend a topcoat for fireplaces where the surround experiences high temperatures, so you’ll want to test this out beforehand.

Do you need to prep a fireplace for painting?

Surface Prep. When it comes to painting your fireplace, there isn’t a whole lot of prep work required. Depending on the condition of your fireplace surround, you may want to begin your project by giving your surface a quick cleaning to remove any dust or grime.

Can you brighten a fireplace with paint?

These materials can be expensive to demo and replace, but the good news is that most fireplace surrounds can be easily brightened up with a bit of paint.

Avoid the need to tear out an old brick fireplace by giving it a fresh look with a new coat of paint

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What to Consider When Buying the Best Paint for Brick Fireplaces

Advice on how to choose the best paint for brick fireplaces does vary, largely because not all products are used in the same way. The following section looks at important considerations related to the way various types of paint perform, followed by some useful tips on how to paint a fireplace that will help ensure successful application.

Tips on Prepping and Painting a Brick Fireplace

How to paint a brick fireplace is a subject Bob Vila has covered before. For your convenience, some of the key points are included here.

Our Top Picks

Now that you’ve had a chance to learn about the various aspects that will impact your choice, it’s time to check out some of the best paint for brick fireplaces. These top picks have been assigned categories relevant to different types of finish, the look you’re going for, and more.

Our Verdict

Thanks to its outstanding coverage, The ONE paint and primer is the best paint for brick fireplace coverage, although it does come at a premium price. Valspar Signature is a quality alternative that costs a great deal less and comes in a wider range of colors, but it needs a primer or additional coats.

How We Chose the Best Paint for Brick Fireplaces

The challenge in selecting the best paint for brick fireplace transformations is that there are a number of different approaches to the task. Some people like the distressed look that is best achieved with chalk paint. Others prefer a whitewashed appearance. Contemporary styles can involve the use of bold, solid colors.


Despite the comprehensive information provided above, you might still have some questions about how to choose the best paint for a brick fireplace renovation in your home. Read on to see if any of your lingering questions are answered here.

What is an eco paint?

Technically, an ECO paint is simply a paint which has a very low or zero volume of Volatile Organic Compounds. While some ECO paints are obviously superior to others there isn’t any case for suggesting that an ECO paint will perform any better or worse than any other form of exterior paint – it will simply be a matter of personal choice.

What are the two main manufacturers of mineral paints?

There are a few specialist manufacturers of mineral based paints – the main two being Keim and Beeck.

What are the disadvantages of mineral based paint?

The disadvantage is that they require more thorough preparation, special primers and are, initially, much more expensive – although the increased performance should pay back over the long term. There are a few specialist manufacturers of mineral based paints – the main two being Keim and Beeck.

What are the advantages of limewash?

The main advantages of limewash are they bind to the surface very well and are totally breathable – another benefit is that they are relatively inexpensive.

What is mineral paint?

Put simply, mineral paints are made with a silicate binder which reacts with the surface of the wall to form a long-lasting bond, unlike traditional paints which simply form a skin. They are naturally alkaline, so inhibit mould growth and carbonation; mineral paints also have the added advantage of being eco-friendly too.

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Highly active question. Earn 10 reputation (not counting the association bonus) in order to answer this question. The reputation requirement helps protect this question from spam and non-answer activity.

Is limewash eco friendly?

In particular, mineral-based or lime-based paint should fit your criterion of being eco-friendly, and limewash looks like the best choice for your situation: it’s simple to make, relatively cheap, looks natural, and is eco-friendly.

What Color Should You Paint the Fireplace?

The color you paint your fireplace can make a big difference in the look and feel you are trying to recreate.

How to Paint the Interior of a Fireplace?

As you choose the right type of paint, so too must you select the right safety equipment to keep you protected.

Can You Paint Mortar on Brick Fireplace?

Mortar joints are generally the grey-colored concrete joint s that are found between each brick on a fireplace wall with a weathered look.

How long does it take for acrylic paint to dry on mortar?

Let it dry for a day and then apply the primer on the mortar – you can use any universal acrylic primer. Let the primer dry for about 4-5 hours. Then finally apply a good latex paint that is suitable for the mortar. Allow the first coat of paint to dry and then recoat the mortar to get the right finish.

What temperature can non-flammable paint be?

This means a paint capable of withstanding 1,200F degrees and possible with a silicone resin as part of its base.

What are the advantages of gas fireplaces?

The advantages of a gas fireplace are that you do not have to worry about soot or creosote.

Why do you stain a brick fireplace?

One of the main reasons why people like to stain or paint the mortar on the brick fireplace is to match it with the rest of the wall. Since the masonry stain, paint, or sealant you use will get absorbed into the mortar, it does not fade, crack or peel away with time.

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