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what kind of paint to use on cabinets

what kind of paint to use on cabinets插图

Latex paint
The short answer is thatlatex paintis best for cabinets. Oil paint makes a case for itself with its reputation for easy application and a long-lasting finish that can be scrubbed and cleaned regularly,but latex paint is the best choice for most cabinets since it offers lower levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and is quicker to dry.

What is the best paint for painting cabinets?

Farrow and Ball Full Gloss Paint.Benjamin Moore Advance Interior Satin Paint.Fine Paints of Europe Eurolux Acrylic Paint.Valspar Cabinet Enamel Semi-Gloss Latex Interior Paint.Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations System.Behr Alkyd Semi-Gloss Enamel Paint.Insl-X Cabinet Coat.

What is the best brand of cabinet paint?

Best overall: Farrow Ball Off-BlackBest balance: Clare BlackestBest depth: Portola Whitney PortalBest cool: Farrow Ball RailingsBest warm: Portola Story TellerBest classic: Farrow Ball Pitch BlackBest drama: Benjamin Moore Jet BlackBest neutral: Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black

What is the best paint finish for cabinets?

Types of paint finishesGlossy. High gloss paint is very glossy and almost reflective. …Semi-gloss. Semi-gloss paint it what is traditionally used on trim and doors. …Satin. Satin has a mid-amount of gloss to it. …Eggshell. Eggshell is the perfect all purpose interior wall paint finish. …Matte. Matte paint is offered by some paint brands. …Flat. Flat wall paint has zero shine to it. …

What is the best way to paint cabinets?

Part 4 Part 4 of 4: Painting the Cabinets Download ArticleSand your cabinets again with 220 grit sandpaper. Professional Contractor Expert Interview. …Choose a latex or oil-based gloss paint for your topcoat. Select a color that you want and choose a latex paint if you want a uniform finish.Pour 3?4 gallon (2.8 L) of your paint into a clean paint tray. …More items…

What is the best paint for kitchen cabinets?

While oil-based paints make a case for themselves with their reputation for easy application and a long-lasting finish that can be scrubbed and cleaned regularly, latex paint is widely regarded as the best choice for most kitchen cabinets, since it offers lower levels of VOCs and is quicker to dry.

Why is it important to choose the right paint finish for kitchen cabinets?

Choosing the right paint finish for kitchen cabinets is important since it affects how durable your cabinets will be in the long run. Cabinet doors and drawers are subject to touching, pulling, slamming, and more, while shelves routinely have objects being slid in and out.

What are the effects of oil based paint?

Oil-based paints release volatile organic compounds, also known as VOCs, in higher numbers than other paint options. VOCs can cause eye, nose, and throat irritation, as well as shortness of breath, dizziness, headaches, and other long-term effects .

How to paint flat doors?

If you have flat doors on your kitchen cabinets, you can make quick work of paint application by using a roller with ¼ nap (for the evenest application and smooth finish).

How long does it take for oil based paint to dry?

For one thing, while it goes on smoothly, oil-based paint takes a long time to dry in between coats—up to 16 hours. Without good air circulation (which can be hard to come by in a kitchen), you may end up waiting days for the paint to dry.

Which is more durable, glossy or gloss paint?

This will be the shiniest of your paint choices and is a great option for especially bold cabinet colors or super modern kitchens. Gloss paint will also be the most durable, due to the fact that more resin and binders are used in formulating glossy paint, giving the paint more of a hard "shell.".

Can you paint MDF cabinets?

It’s easy to paint MDF kitchen cabinets as long as you know how to properly prep them. You have two priorities when prepping MDF cabinets for painting: seal the edge and use an oil-based primer. The edge of MDF is more porous, and if it doesn’t already have a finished surface, then you’ll want to use some drywall compound to seal it and keep moisture from swelling the material during the painting process.

What is the best paint for kitchen cabinets?

Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore put out superior products that provide a finish as good as oil but without toxic and illegal VOCs and easy clean-up. In particular, Benjamin Moore provides a primer besides topcoats and the most sheens out of any brand. It’s the best kitchen cabinet paint if you want to make a powerful statement with a high-gloss or matte finish.

What is Benjamin Moore Advance?

Benjamin Moore Advance: the most sheens available, including a hybrid enamel primer. It has low VOC, comes in 3,500 colors, and dries furniture-hard.

What paints come in satin and semi gloss?

Unless you enjoy repainting. Most hybrid enamel paints come in satin and semi-gloss. Satin falls right between semi-gloss and eggshell finish. Benjamin Moore makes a broader range of products, including high-gloss for that candy-coated finish on your cabinets.

Which sheen should I pick for paint for cabinets?

Which sheen should you pick for the best paint for cabinets? Whatever you like. We recommend saint paint for cabinets because satin looks the best hands down. Semi-gloss tends to be too much sheen and can cause too much glare on your cabinets.

When was latex paint invented?

Compared to the history of paint, latex paint is still the new kid on the block. Sherwin-Williams used a synthetic rubber, latex, in the 1940s to create the first water enamel paint. Since then, its safety, environmental friendliness, and ease of use have motivated the ongoing development of latex paint technology.

What is oil based paint?

Oil-based paint is the go-big-or-go-home of interior paints. In it, the color pigment is suspended in oil and then thinned with an agent like mineral spirits. It was the preferred type of slow-drying paint to use on wood in homes because of the uniform paint surface.

What does "perfect color" mean?

The perfect color and sheen mean nothing without a perfect finish.

How to Paint your Kitchen Cabinets

Before you start purchasing paint cans, evaluate what type of cabinets you have, determine the prep you will have to do, and then decide on the best paint option for your kitchen upgrade needs.

Which Paint Should You Paint Your Cabinets?

Now that you have evaluated and prepared your cabinets for optimal painting, you can decide which type of paint will suit your kitchen best based on your appearance goals, kitchen traffic, and budget.

Time to Get Started

Now you’re ready to begin the transformation of your kitchen. A simple, cost-effective paint refresh will dramatically elevate your kitchen space in a short amount of time. Consider installing custom shelves and pull-out drawers after you paint to upgrade the functionality and organization of the interior of your kitchen cabinets.

What is the difference between oil based paint and latex paint?

Oil-based is more traditional and popular with purists who like the “painterly” look of brush marks, while latex gives a more consistent finish.

What finishes are best for kitchen cabinets?

Higher-gloss finishes stand up better to daily use and are far easier to clean without dulling the color over time. So skip matte, satin, and eggshell finishes in favor of semi gloss or high gloss.

Can you paint cabinet interiors?

As for cabinet interiors, you can skip painting them altogether if you line them with contact paper—an inexpensive, attractive option that can protect and extend the life of your shelving.

What is PPG Glyptex?

PPG Glyptex Interior Alkyd enamel paint offers extremely durable performance with a porcelain-like finish. It covers well on a wide variety of primed surfaces including wood, metal, plaster, concrete and masonry. Available sheens include satin, semi-gloss and gloss. Refinish your kitchen cabinets and unlock their beauty.

What is Pratt and Lambert’s hybrid enamel?

Pratt & Lambert’s entry into the hybrid enamel market is Aquanamel Waterborne Alkyd Enamel. With low VOCs and soap-and-water clean-up, you won’t believe the flow and leveling capacity of this paint. Formulated to withstand abuse, it is a perfect match for high-traffic kitchen cabinet doors and frames. This paint works best over primed surfaces and comes in satin, semi-gloss and gloss. Learn how to spray paint kitchen cabinets.

What is advance paint?

Advance paint by Benjamin Moore combines the low VOCs of a water-based paint with the smoothness and durability of an oil-based paint in an alkyd-enhanced hybrid . Advance gives you a choice of finishes, including matte, satin, semi-gloss and high-gloss.

What is Sherwin Williams trim?

As one of Sherwin-Williams’ newest formulations, the Emerald line of water-based paints is described as “a finish that withstands wear and tear and goes on in fewer coats.”. Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel comes highly recommended from professionals for painting kitchen cabinets, …

Is Behr paint good for kitchen cabinets?

It’s clear that paint companies have focused on developing hybrids and Behr offers a good one for painting kitchen cabinets with its Urethane Alkyd Enamel paint. Behr recommends this paint for a variety of surfaces, and its durable, flawless finish is perfect for cabinets. And, it is available in both satin and semi-gloss. How to remove paint from wood surfaces and restore their natural beauty.

Can you paint kitchen cabinets with urethane trim?

Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel comes highly recommended from professionals for painting kitchen cabinets, but they warn that using the wrong brushes and rollers or poor technique yields subpar results with spotty coverage and brush marks.

Can chalk paint be used on cabinets?

Keep in mind that chalk paint will not provide a durable enough finish for cabinets without a hard, wax topcoat. Read our tips for applying antique painting techniques to cabinets.

Why Trust The Spruce?

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What paint is used for kitchen cabinets?

For a paint that’s both stain- and scratch-resistant—two important characteristics for kitchen cabinets—and comes in a wide range of colors, you can’t go wrong with Sherwin-Williams Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel paints. This line of paints is designed for high-traffic surfaces such as doors and trim, and you can choose from dozens of Sherwin-Williams colors and custom tints, as well as satin, semi-gloss, and gloss finishes.

What is BEHR semi gloss paint?

If you don’t want a glossy finish on your cabinets, BEHR Premium Interior Cabinet & Trim Enamel is a budget-friendly semi-gloss paint. This water-based product delivers a durable finish that resists dirt, grime, and mildew, and it dries quickly, allowing you to recoat in just two hours.

How to spruce up a kitchen without a sink?

If you don’t have the heart or the budget for a renovation right now, the fastest, easiest way to spruce up your space is with a fresh coat of paint on your kitchen cabinets. It can give new life to tired cabinets, and is far less costly.

What color is Stiffkey Blue?

For a more traditional approach, opt for a color like Ammonite, which is a soft and understated gray.

What is Insl-X cabinet coat?

Insl-x Cabinet Coat dries to a durable satin finish that resists chipping, scuffing, grease, and water, making it easy to clean and an ideal choice for kitchen cabinets. Reviewers highly recommend this brand, writing that it’s easy to apply with a brush or roller and wears extremely well, holding up over years of wear and tear. However, it does take several coats to fully cover darker surfaces.

Is high gloss paint easy to clean?

Plus, this affordable paint is easy to apply and has a beautiful finish. "High gloss content helps hide imperfections and limits fingerprints from showing. Most importantly, it is easy to clean, which is a requirement when selecting paint for kitchen cabinets.”—. Anne R. Kokoskie, Interior Designer.

What to do if you are not comfortable with rollers?

If you are not comfortable with a roller, you can use a paintbrush instead. That will let you work easier with less attention on the job.

How long does primer dry?

Once done, let’ the primer dry for at least a couple of hours.

What color is Hale Navy?

Hale Navy (Benjamin Moore) Sherwin William Distance. Sherwin William (Indigo Batik). With three of these color, a blue accent will look perfect on your kitchen cabinet which is made of laminate.

What to do if you don’t have a drop cloth?

If you don’t have any kind of drop cloth, you can also do that by an old bed sheet or other clothes that will protect the paint from touching the floor.

How to clean a cabinet before painting?

The cabinet surfaces are essential to clean off first. You can use a cleaning solvent to make it happen before painting. It will remove the oil, dirt, grease, etc that stink to the cabinet surface. While performing this step, make sure to cover your hands with gloves.

How long does it take for a paint to dry?

Based on how many coats you have made on it, the timespan of this step varies. Basically, a time of 5-7 hours would be perfect.

How to make a room dry faster?

During this time, make it sure that no dust or air movement is in the room. If you want to make it faster, you can use small rotating fans that will dry them up faster.

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