what is deep base paint

Paint Marker Techniques for Canvas Painting

There are plenty of great ways to use acrylic paint pens in your canvas works. Used by painters of all kinds, the variety of tip sizes and shapes of those tips gives one a multitude of ways to add awesome details to their paintings.

Using Acrylic Paint Pens On Wood

Acrylic paint pens CAN also be used on wood. Some of them are even great for wood that will be outdoors or that already has paint on it!

Rock Painting With Acrylic Paint Pens

Getting into rock painting is super easy once you have a bunch of acrylic paint pens on hand.

Using Acrylic Paint Pens On Glass

Are you excited to have acrylic paint pens in your collection yet? If you don’t want to paint on wood, or canvas, or even rocks, perhaps you might be interested in painting on glass?

Make Art on Leather or Fabric With Paint Markers

So now we get to the paint markers that are a bit more specified. These technically aren’t acrylic paint pens in the way the rest of the paint pens in this article are.

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