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What does it mean when a room is too neutral?

Rooms with too many neutral tones tend to look a bit bland. This is especially the case with rooms that feature mainly neutral-toned furniture and bathrooms, which often have a lot of white porcelain. A bold hue on the ceiling can liven up a dull room and tie in well-placed accent pieces. Photo: istockphoto.com.

Why paint the ceiling and walls the same color?

Painting the ceiling and the walls the same color is a design element that can add sophistication to a room. Using a single dark shade for the ceilings and walls can make a room seem intimate, creating a calm feeling. It also adds continuity, creating a contiguous backdrop that places emphasis on contrasting furnishings.

What color paint should I use for a dim room?

Light colors and flat white ceiling paint do the best job of reflecting light into a dim room, but other tricks can achieve the same effect. Accentuate a room’s natural light by painting the ceiling a shade lighter than the wall color. This slight color difference tricks the eye, making the room seem brighter.

How can I make my room feel bigger?

Make a Room Feel Bigger. Making a room physically bigger takes lots of work and money, but simply painting the ceiling can make it feel bigger. Create this effect by using two different colors. Use two slightly contrasting lighter hues for the best results (painting the ceiling of a dark gray room white won’t do it).

What color should I use for a vaulted ceiling?

The right dark colors can bring that high ceiling lower, making the room feel more intimate. Colors such as deep blues, dark grays, and chocolate browns work best to achieve this effect.

Should I paint my ceiling?

And, no, that doesn’t mean only making it disappear by rolling on a new coat of standard flat white ceiling paint. Stop playing it safe! Adding color to your home’s ceiling can do wonders for your interior design plans. Here are some of the best reasons you should paint your ceiling.

Is it wrong to paint a ceiling white?

While many homeowners will spend hours in the paint aisle debating wall colors, few pay much attention to the ceiling. Although there’s nothing wrong with a standard white color, there are plenty of reasons you should consider painting your ceiling a differen …. By Tony Carrick.

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