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Should You Paint Your Walls And Ceiling The Same Color?

The answer depends on your goals, and the size and shape of your space. Interior designers advise that the colors can be the same if they’re fairly neutral, but you should stay away from bolder shades and medium tones for the ceiling.

How To Successfully Paint Uniform Wall And Ceiling Colors

Step 1: Assess your goals for the room. Do you want a clean, calming effect, or a more welcoming, cozy space? Is your room large or small? Do you want your ceiling to appear higher? With these answers, decide if you want warmer or cooler tones, and how light or dark your paint should be.

Will Your Space Appear Larger Or Smaller If The Same Color Is Used?

This approach could make a room appear more spacious or more enclosed, depending on paint color, shade, and the size of the space. If you have a large room, warmer tones and darker neutrals can help a room feel cozier and more intimate. Especially when using dark colors, this will shrink the room a bit.

Our Conclusion

When using neutral colors, painting the walls and ceiling the same color is definitely an option. Lighter neutrals can make the space feel bright, modern, and open, while warmer shades can help a larger room feel cozy and inviting while still being spacious and seamless.

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