what happens if paint freezes

What type of paint should I use to hide rough walls?

Flat/Matte paint is the ideal way for you to hide rough walls or textures that you want to hide or don’t like. This type of paint will help to make a wall have a more uniform appearance and it won’t highlight a surface’s imperfections. It’s best that you use a flat paint for low traffic areas where there isn’t going to be a lot of hands touching the walls. You should stay away from using flat/matte paint on doors, windows, railings, and other areas that get a lot of hand traffic.

What is eggshell paint?

This paint is a step up on the sheen ladder. It’s named eggshell because it does have the same sheen as the shell of an egg. This type of a paint is a pretty good all around paint for walls and that’s probably why it’s one of the more popular ones. It can still hide some imperfections like flat paint does but it’s a little easier to clean. However, it is still not glossy enough for you to use on windows, trim, or doors. So it’s best just to use it on walls.

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