what does paint me a birmingham mean

What is satin finish?

Satin finish is often described as velvety and is more flattering over pocks, divots, and scrapes since it draws the light in and tricks the eye into seeing a more even surface. So, if you want to deflect attention away from faults and blemishes without spending hours sanding them away, satin is the way to go. It’s biggest flaw is it reveals application flaws, such as roller or brush strokes. Touch-ups later can be tricky.

What is the sheen of paint?

Paint sheen or finish refers to the amount of light that the paint reflects from its surface. Simply put, paints with a higher sheen reflect light and paints with a low sheen absorb light.

What does it mean when paint is dark and rich?

Below we outline all the different types of paint types based on their sheens. One thing to note is that if your paint color is dark and rich but you don’t want a super shiny effect, step down at least one level on the sheen scale. That’s because the darker and richer the paint color is, the more colorant it has, which boosts sheen.

What is semi gloss paint?

Semi-Gloss. Semi-gloss paint types are some of the most resilient. These finishes create a smooth, slightly reflective finish that is durable and easy to clean. The higher the gloss, the easier the cleanup of messes like fingerprints and smudges.

Is matte paint reflective?

Latte or matte paint finishes are non reflective. A flat finish will soak up light, create a smooth appearance in areas with surface imperfections and hide any bumps or scratches in the surface of the wall. Flat finishes are the hardest to clean, but are easy to touch up which means you can repaint any major marks or scratches.

Is it better to paint a kitchen in a higher sheen or lower sheen?

Although it might have been better to paint them in a higher sheen due to the amount of use they get, we knew that the lower sheen paint would make the kitchen look much more expensive. For me, I’m happier to have a space looking better, even if the surface may be a little harder to clean down the line.

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