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What to Know Before You Begin Your Project

While the results speak for themselves, I will be very frank upfront: this project was not quick, nor was it an easy one. I wanted a professional look that would buy us years to save up for a full kitchen remodel. I was not looking for a quick solution.

Oak Cabinet Painting Questions Answered

You can hide the grain on oak cabinets with a thin layer of Drydex wall spackle. I go through the process of exactly how it works in the tutorial below. Before we dive in, there’s one thing I really want to emphasize. I truly feel that filling in the grain is what made this project so successful. I know that step is the hardest.

How to Paint Oak Cabinets and Hide the Grain Step-By-Step Tutorial

Make sure you gather everything from the list above. Trust me that you won’t be wanting to make a trip to the hardware store partway through the project!

Quick Reference (and Printable) Painted Oak Cabinets Tutorial

You can print the card below as a quick reference while you’re completing the project, but make sure to read the steps above for an in-depth explanation. If you love this project, please don’t forget to come back and leave a five-star review!

How to Paint Oak Cabinets and Hide the Grain

Follow my proven process for how to paint oak cabinets and hide the grain to achieve a completely smooth and professional finish.

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