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how to paint space marines

how to paint space marines插图

Tutorial: How to Paint Salamanders Space Marines1. Undercoat the model black and then basecoat the model with Warpstone Glow. …2. Use 3parts Lahmian Median and 1 part Caliban Green to create a glaze and use it to shade the lower half of the armour segments. …3. Black in all the detail such as chest eagle,bolter and backpack. …More items

What kind of paint do you use on Ultramarines?

You can actually get a good blue bascoat spray, which is ideal for painting lots of Ultramarines at once. Here however I just used a normal paint from the pot. Make sure it is a good ‘midtone’ blue- not too dark nor too light.

Are there Space Marines in the Indomitus box set?

With the recent release of the Indomitus boxed set, we’re looking at the two factions involved and how to approach painting them. Today, we’re looking at the new Space Marines! The Indomitus box is packed full of new miniatures for both the Space Marines and Necrons.

What do you paint the barrels of your Melta rifles?

On the Eradicators, I wanted to do something a little different with their melta rifles. The barrels are painted Brass Scorpion, then Sycorax Bronze, washed Seraphim Sepia, and then some Brass Scorpion re-layered at the business end of the barrel.

What kind of paint do you use to paint a sword?

The sword was painted with Iron Hands Steel, gloss varnished, washed with Nuln Oil Gloss, matte varnished, painted over with extremely thin Iron Hands Steel, and finally the letters and surrounding area also painted with Aethermatic Blue.

How many models are in the Indomitus box?

The Indomitus box is packed full of new miniatures for both the Space Marines and Necrons. On the Marine side, there’s 24 new models – the bulk of them are the new Assault Intercessors, but there’s five different characters in there including the brand new Bladeguard Ancient and Judiciar, as well as new spins on the Primaris Captain, Primaris Lieutenant, and Primaris Chaplain. Along with these we also have three brand new units in the shape of the Outriders and their truly enormous bases, the Bladeguard Veterans, and the Eradicators. Unlike the Shadowspear box last year which was all about the Vanguard Space Marines, these are a mix of different model types, with both Tacticus and Gravis armour, new bikers, and a lot of the more old-school Space Marine aesthetic that was somewhat absent from other parts of the Primaris range – it’s all robes and chains and weird hourglasses here. With such variety in the box, there’s a lot to talk about in terms of different approaches. Luckily Liam, Jack, and Raf have been hard at work on their review copies, kindly provided by Games Workshop, and now they’re here to talk about them!

What is the color of the armor in the aquila?

The armor is finished with an edge highlight of 50/50 Warpstone and Vallejo Yellow, followed by a second edge of 25/75 Warpstone and Yellow. The aquila is done with Vallejo Flat Red for the top part, and 5 Scale75 Metallics Black Metal up through the silvers, ending with White Alchemy.

What seals are in Waagh Flesh?

Purity seals in Waagh Flesh, Warboss Green, and Skarsnik Green on the wax, with the parchment being Rakarth Flesh and then Ushabti Bone

What color is the chaplain?

The Chaplain is similar in execution except that the armour is, obviously, black. The main part is straight VMC Black, edge highlighted with Eshin Grey, Mechanicus Standard Grey, and then just a touch of Dawnstone. The handle of his crozius is painted the same as the purity seals, being mostly Warboss Green and then the individual diamonds edged with Skarsnik Green, which takes a bit.

What did the chaplain and the judge have their ribs painted on?

Both the Chaplain and the Judiciar had their skeleton ribs painted the same as the skeleton on the Ancient’s banner, Rakarth Flesh and then Flayed One Flesh.

What is the edge highlight of Steel Legion Drab?

The pouches get an edge highlight of Steel Legion Drab, and seals get an edge of Ushabti Bone

How to paint yellow armor?

I prime in tan, pre-shade with VMA Mud and Rust, add a highlight of Insignia White, then lightly airbrush layers of Medium Yellow over until I’m happy with the vibra nce. I do some edge highlights with Phalanx Yellow and a pinwash of AK Paneliner for Sand and Desert to finish up the yellow, after which it gets weathered primarily by sponging Rhinox Hide.


Grays and whites are probably better priming colors here for a bolder blue armor.


When painting any miniature, it is important to decide ahead of time what you would like to focus on. Try to set achievable goals. Here, I wanted to replicate the ‘boxart’ standard of Ultramarine Space Marines found on the shelves of your local Warhammer 40,000 seller.


Certainly bold, but not very interesting when it is just one, flat color…


Recesses defined, but highlights and a matte varnish may be necessary.


Persevere with your edge highlights as they will need to be built up gradually.


Lastly we mustn’t forget other key details that need highlights, too. It helps the overall effect if every element is ‘popping’ to the same standard we have achieved with our armor highlights.

What paint do you use for Space Marines?

To start, you use one of their base paints directly on the plastic. They recommend Abaddon Black or Corax White for the “Classic Style” of painting. Your Space Marines: Assault Intercessors + Paints Set comes with both of those paint pots. The box set also steers you towards painting the figures in the Classic method.

What paint should I use for miniatures?

First step – Paint all the miniatures with Abaddon Black or Corax White. As a note, I tried only Abaddan Black. If you try a different colour and it beads up, remove the colour and try the black. It works well and will act as the miniatures’ primer.

Can you paint miniatures with paint in the box?

For this article, I decided to paint the miniatures with just the paints in the box. Without buying anything else, you can easily paint these miniatures up to the same “Battle Ready” standard.

Does Must Contain Minis have a commission?

When you buy from Wayland Games with this link, Must Contain Minis earns a commission at no extra charge to you.

Can you call a miniature Battle Ready?

At this point, you can pretty much stop and call your model “Battle Ready.” If you follow the steps on the Citadel Colour Website for “Battle Ready” miniatures, this is where you end – and it didn’t take too long to get here.

Can you use Astrogranite with a brush?

Astrogranite. This stuff is thick. Do not apply with a brush – you will ruin it. Instead, find a little dental tool or some other sculpting tool. Failing that, use a brush you don’t care about.

How many coats of warpstone glow?

1. Undercoat the model black and then basecoat the model with Warpstone Glow. This will take two or three coats by hand.

What paint do you use on the chest eagle?

5. Paint the chest eagle and bolter icon with Gehenna’s Gold. A touch of Lahmian medium really smooths out this paint.

What medium do you use in Eshin Grey?

10. Highlight the Eshin Grey areas using Stormvermin Fur and a touch of Lahmian medium .

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