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how to paint shiplap to look distressed

how to paint shiplap to look distressed插图

Painting shiplap to look distressed is a great way to give it an aged or rustic look. To give your shiplap a distressed look start bysanding the boards slightly and giving it a coat of primer. You can then add paint or stain to make it how you want. Use sandpaper or steel wool to distress the finish and give it that rustic look.

How do you paint shiplap step by step?

Step-by-Step Instructions 1 Mix up your water-paint mixture thoroughly in a can or bucket that is sufficiently sized to hold enough for your project. 2 Set up a workhorse, and lay your shiplap planks close by. 3 Starting with your first plank on the workhorse, brush on your mixture in the direction of the grain. More items…

What is the best color for shiplap walls?

I consider Gauntlet Gray one of Sherwin Williams best gray paint colors . If you want a really go out of the box with a shiplap paint color, try using a blue gray paint color or a cool gray color like SW Passive. This is a great option for some color but nothing too over the top.

Can you paint over shiplap cracks?

Each method below has different options for painting the shiplap cracks. Start by using a smaller paint brush to paint in between the boards. This is the step to take your time with. Make sure you apply a decent amount of paint to your brush and really get in the cracks of the shiplap.

Should shiplap be painted semi gloss or high gloss?

Semi gloss or high gloss paint detracts from the wood. Instead of seeing the character of the wood that shows through with a matte finish, all you see is shine, which often is reflective, not allowing you to truly get a good look at the beautiful wood character your shiplap adds. In some situations, a gloss finish might work well.

Why prime shiplap boards?

Having primed shiplap boards will give your paint a smooth surface to adhere to and give it a nice finish overall.

How to make shiplap look distressed?

To give your shiplap a distressed look start by sanding the boards slightly and giving it a coat of primer.

What sheen paint should I use on shiplap?

Many people ask what sheen of paint do you use on shiplap? You can use any type of paint that’s designed for exterior or interior surfaces; however, we recommend semi-gloss if possible because it has great coverage and will be easy to clean.

What is the best way to protect shiplap?

Priming the boards and using a high-quality paint will also help protect the shiplap.

How many coats of paint do you need to paint shiplap?

When painting shiplap, you’ll need to apply two coats of paint, whether you’re doing it by hand or using a sprayer. This will give it a nice finish and is how you achieve the best results for your project.

Can you paint shiplap before it’s installed?

It’s always best to paint shiplap before it has been installed on the wall. You can also use a brush, but we recommend using painters tape and sprayer if you have one available. Prime first, then paint!

Should shiplap and trim be the same color?

Another question often asked is should shiplap and trim be the same color? And the answer is that it’s totally up to you! It can all be one color, but a lot of people will choose a color for the shiplap and then stain their trim or paint their trim white.

What is the best finish for a kitchen?

In some situations, a gloss finish might work well. Most often however, if you’re looking for a traditional and timeless appeal, a matte finish is going to be your best bet.

How do I paint a wall with a roller?

You’re going to want to start by taking a brush and going along the edges around the entire area, as well as all doorways and outlets. I like to do this at the beginning, then paint the entire wall with a roller. Once the first coat is dry, I then go around the edges again with a brush, and finish with a roller as close to the edge as possible. My goal is to remove the paint lines a brush leaves, getting as close to the end of the wood edge without bleeding out onto the next wall, trim, or surface.

What color is shiplap?

Traditionally, most shiplap is painted a creamy white . The white, along with the horizontal lines, creates a sense of calm that even in a room that’s completely messy, can give you a feeling of structure and control. This helps relieve anxiety.

Can you paint a shiplap wall with a sharpie?

I did this on my real shiplap, but it’s also an amazing way to create the look of a shiplap wall with only a little black paint or a sharpie! It would be a great faux shiplap idea that’s extremely budget friendly! (Note: The sharpie won’t work on an uneven wood surface, but on a low texture wall it would be great!) Just use a yardstick, or painters tape, to mark the wall ever 6″ and use the sharpie to draw a line. Lindsey has a great example!

Do you have to caulk shiplap before painting?

Before painting, you’re going to have to decide on if you want to caulk the corners, or where the shiplap meets another wall. This is personal preference. Some like the raw wood edge, others like a clean seam where it meets a doorway or another wall. Decide the look you like most and caulk where needed.

Does shiplap paint detract from wood?

Again, we’re going for that cozy, soft feel. Semi gloss or high gloss paint detracts from the wood. Instead of seeing the character of the wood that shows through with a matte finish, all you see is shine, which often is reflective, not allowing you to truly get a good look at the beautiful wood character your shiplap adds.

Can you paint shiplap?

Truthfully, you can’t paint a shiplap wall wrong, so don’t get super into details about it! Shiplap comes in all styles and colors, from super distressed farmhouse, to modern minimalist. Any way you do yours, it’s going to be perfect. Because it’s original, just like you!


Alabaster is a highly popular paint color choice for shiplap. And you want to know why? It’s the color Joanna Gaines used in her home. It must be good if the queen of shiplap herself is using it in her own home.

What color is Gauntlet Gray?

Gauntlet Gray – Sherwin Williams 7019. This is my favorite non-white shiplap paint color option. Gauntlet Gray is a gorgeous warm dark gray that will make a bold statement. I like Gauntlet Gray as a paint color option because it’s not as dark as black, but it is still dark enough to pack a punch.

How do I prep a shiplap wall?

To prep the wall, I suggest painting it the color of the shiplap. It will make it easier when it comes time to paint in between the shiplap cracks. Painting the cracks is time-consuming, so having the wall already painted will give you a leg up on the situation. SAND THE BOARDS.

What is the best sheen for a matte finish?

A good in-between sheen to use would be an eggshell or satin. This will help with cleanability while staying on the matte side.

How many different methods of shiplap painting?

Finally, let’s get into the 4 different methods of shiplap painting.

What color is shiplap?

White is the most popular shiplap paint color option. However, darker non-white paint colors can make a huge impact on the wall.

What to use to protect floors from paint splatter?

For each method, you want to use drop cloths and plastic to protect your floors and anything else that needs to be protected from paint splatter.

How to lay shiplap planks?

Starting with your first plank on the workhorse, brush on your mixture in the direction of the grain. Once the plank is fully covered, work quickly with your damp, lint-free rag to wipe off any excess mixture, while still working in the direction of the grain.

What kind of wash is used for shiplap walls?

The look of our shiplap walls was achieved using a heavier white wash, i.e., more paint than water.

How long does it take for knot art to show through pine?

Well, except for the knots which will eventually show through no mater how many times you prime those suckers! After 18 months, the knots art are peeking through the white washed pine. This is the look we wanted for our summer home, rather than a polished shiplap. White washing it was the perfect solution.

What is flat white paint?

Flat white paint (ceiling paint or a primer) Note: It has to be a flat paint, not satin, eggshell, or semi-gloss. We used primer since we were starting with raw wood. Water. Can or container (for mixing) and paint stick. Wide paint brush.

Can you white wash shiplap before installing?

The watery consistency of the mixture makes it harder and messier to work with when gravity is involved. However, if you have plank that is already on the wall, this tutorial is still perfectly relevant.

Is shiplap paint white?

You might notice that our shiplap ceilings have a lighter white wash effect than our walls do. In other words, they are closer to a wood tone than to white paint. The look of our shiplap ceilings was achieved using a lighter white wash, i.e., more water than paint.

Can you whitewash shiplap pine?

White washing it was the perfect solution. Once you white wash shiplap pine, it takes on a gorgeous, soft, grey-ish tone. And, what I love best is that you can still see the personality of the wood showing through. The effect is just very soft and welcoming, and a little more visually interesting than paint.

How to get paint on a brush?

Dip the dry brush into the base layer color of paint just enough to get a tiny amount of paint on the brush.

Why do you want to make a light coat of paint?

You want to make it a light, thin coat so the other layer (s) of paint show through.

What is the last step in waxing?

The last step is to apply a finishing wax.

Can you spend more time creating projects than sanding and sanding?

you can spend more time creating projects instead of sanding and sanding and sanding…

Can you spread paint out?

just spread the paint out as best as you can. It will still turn out ok.

Can you cover a sandbox with paint?

Don’t cover it entirely with paint – just add some color to it.

Can you sand around handles?

You can sand extra around places that would have extra use such as around handles.

How to make a distressed look with paint?

Place a small amount of your lighter shade of paint in a container. Mix in water, 1 teaspoon at a time, until paint is thin like a wash but not so thin that it bubbles when you apply it. This will go over your first coat of paint to help with the layered distressed look.

How to make antique furniture look antique?

To create an even more antiqued look, lightly sand the edges and corners of the table with fine-grit sandpaper, concentrating on edges and areas of natural wear to keep it authentic looking. Wipe clean with a tack cloth to complete your painted distressed furniture.

How to get paint off of wood furniture?

Place your wood furniture piece on top of a drop cloth and lightly sand the wood to create a rough surface. Apply different levels of pressure as you sand; this causes the wood to absorb more paint in some areas. Wipe clean using a tack cloth or rag.

How long does it take for paint to dry on furniture?

Spread the paint thin enough to allow cracks to show through. Allow the paint to dry for 24 hours.

What is weed in gardening?

A weed can be any plant growing where you don’t want it to, but there are some particularly weedy species to keep an eye out for. These aggressive plants choke out the garden plants you’ve worked so hard to grow. Use this handy guide to identify these weeds by appearance and know how to remove them safely. Read More .

Can you ruin furniture?

It’s easy to ruin a piece of furniture. Real wood furniture that isn’t masse of Pine or Rubberwood is hard to find these days. Furthermore, if it’s an old, antique piece you are totally ruining its worth. If you choose to ruin furniture by sanding not stripping first, and doing it unevenly you are ruining what was once a beautiful piece of wood. Please use your "distressing" technique on junk furniture. This makes me sick.

Is cleaning your home a chore?

Cleaning your home doesn’t have to be a daunting, time-consuming chore. The key to managing household duties quickly and efficiently is to design an easy-to-follow routine that includes all the most important tasks. Follow these step-by-step instructions for creating a customized whole-home cleaning schedule.

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