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how to paint popcorn ceiling

how to paint popcorn ceiling插图

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Paint rollers, brushes, and sprayers are the three most common methods of painting a popcorn ceiling. A roller is one of the most effective methods of covering a large area. Attaching a roller to an extender can help you reach your ceiling, but this method can be quite messy.

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  • Do popcorn ceilings need to be painted?

  • A couple of things to keep in mind: Popcorn ceilings need more paint than flat ceilings because the bumps and ridges create a larger surface area. Paint sprayers use roughly 33% more paint than rolling because of the amount that ends up in the air and settles.

  • How do you add glitter to a popcorn ceiling?

  • The easiest way to add glitter to a popcorn ceiling is with a glitter glaze, which is a transparent topcoat that is mixed with glitter. When you apply it to your ceiling, your paint color shows through but is speckled with glitter. Apply the glaze with a roller, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • What is the easiest sprayer for coating a popcorn ceiling?

  • The easiest sprayer for coating your popcorn ceiling is a quality airless paint sprayer. How does it work? It fans the material out to evenly coat the surface.

  • How do you thin a popcorn ceiling with water?

  • For popcorn ceilings, use water to thin acrylic. With a gallon of material, add about quart of water. Always double-check the back of your can for correct amounts. You can use a roller or a sprayer so follow the guidelines below for your preferred method.

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