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how to paint pallet wood

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What can you make with a wood pallet?

Creative Things Made From Pallets [70 Incredible Ideas]Headboard. Pallets provide the ultimate rustic look when used as headboards. …Exterior Wall Planters. Paint or stain them in contrasting or matching colors and hang them on an outside wall to use as planters.Playhouses for the Kids. …Pet Bed. …Picnic Tables. …Wine Racks. …Staircases. …Coffee Tables. …Shoe Storage Unit. …Horse Corrals. …More items…

What can I make with wooden pallets?

What can I make out of wooden pallets? 15 Creative Uses For Wood Pallets. Standing Garden. Because of the space between each slat, these are easy to pack plants into to make a very beautiful standing garden. Coffee Table. Bookshelf Or Toy Bin. Shoe Organizer. Swing. Wine Bar.

What can you build with wooden pallets?

15 Creative Uses For Wood PalletsStanding Garden. Because of the space between each slat,these are easy to pack plants into to make a very beautiful standing garden.Coffee Table. Something as simple as adding wheels and sheet of glass to a pallet can transform it into an easy-to-move and beautiful coffee table.Bookshelf Or Toy Bin. …Shoe Organizer. …Swing. …Wine Bar. …Pallet Lights. …More items…

How do you finish a wooden pallet?

How do you finish a wooden pallet? To prepare your raw wood palette you can seal it with varnish or oil. Varnish can be partially removed each time you use solvent to clean your palette, so I recommend using oil. When it is dry it is quite hard. You will continue to build up layers of oil that condition your palette each time you use it.

How to make a rustic look?

If you want to add a more rustic look, try sanding the paint with a heavier sandpaper. This will “scuff” up the paint in areas, and allow some of the wood grain properties to show back through. Be careful, though, as over-sanding can ruin the project.

How long does it take for pallet wood to weather?

If your pallet piece is being used outdoors such as deck flooring, this could happen in less than a year.

Why are pallets so popular?

The rustic, shabby chic look is very popular today, and pallets have because a very trendy way to infuse this style into your house.

Why do you need to fill holes in pallet wood?

For example, if you’re making a table out of pallet wood, then you might want to fill in some of the large holes, so that your food doesn’t fall through or your drinks don’t tip over.

How to remove splinters from wood?

Start with high grit sandpaper and remove any splinters or snags that appear in the wood.

Why do you need to add a second coat of paint?

If your DIY project is going to be used outdoors, we recommend adding a second paint coat, simply for added protection against the elements.

How to clean glue off wood?

This will provide you a clean surface to work with. Simply use soapy water with a cloth to rub the surface of your wood clean. Be careful not to saturate the wood unnecessarily.

Why is it important to paint pallets?

Painting of pallets is important if you want to get your finally finished pallet product to match your interior decor styles! Paint and stain both come in handy while creating a distressed, shabby chic, vintage or mid century inspired look of your recovered furniture pieces from pallets! It becomes really important to know about some basic steps, …

What wood is used for pallets?

The pallet is made of different wood species like that of oak, pine, timber, and mahogany, all these wood species are not equally compatible …

How to remove tiny wood particles?

Remove all the tiny wooden particles resulted from sanding using a wet washcloth; one may also select the TSP! Just make the wood well enough to take or receive the paint layer nicely! Chip brush is the most recommended to paint the wood surfaces but there are much more available in the market and you may go with anyone you find the ease with! …

Why skip priming wood?

Skip priming if you want to enjoy a whole rustic look with imperfect and uneven wooden surfaces.

What to use after staining wood?

After paint or stain, use the clear coats or polish the wood for a shine on the wood grains! Polyurethane would also be special treatment for a semi-gloss finish!

Can you stain pallet wood?

Mostly the pallet wood species become darker with dark stain co ats so avoid dark shades such as dark walnut stain and go with those brighter ones that really make the wood more visible and pleasing to eyes!

Do you need to priming pallet wood before painting?

Pallet wood really contains lots of wooden dings and imperfections that result into the uneven wooden surface and the nature of pallets is already porous, so go with priming if you want a clean, visually attractive and plane wooden surface before you go for a paint coat!

How to clean a wood table after sanding?

After sanding, remove all the dust with a slightly damp washcloth or tack cloth if you’ve sanded it reasonably smooth. You can also use TSP ( Trisodium Phosphate ), but a wet washcloth is usually excellent. Clean the wood thoroughly to make sure the paint will adhere to the wood.

Why do pallets not take paint?

Every pallet is unique, and if you are using several ones, they may not take the paint the same way! It is due to the different kinds of wood are pallets made of.

How to get paint off wood after sanding?

You can also use TSP ( Trisodium Phosphate ), but a wet washcloth is usually excellent. Clean the wood thoroughly to make sure the paint will adhere to the wood.

How many layers of paint should I use for a pallet?

The number of layers depends on how you want your pallet to be. You can apply between 1 and 4. It’s recommended to wait for the first one to be dry before starting the following layer, but we are all impatient, and sometimes, I begin while the previous layer is not completely dry –> feeling is essential. You can always run a test board along with your painted project and experiment as you go!

Do oil based paints mix well with latex paint?

NOTE: Latex and Oil-based don’t mix well. Once you’ve done your sanding to create that aged, weathered look (after painting it), and want to make your paint job last longer, then you’ll want to seal or wax it. There are indoor and outdoor-appropriate polyurethanes, varnishes, epoxies, etc. There are many options.

Can you paint pallets before painting?

Pallets tend to be porous. It can create a very uneven finish. A primer can help this issue. Apply a good-quality primer to your wood before painting.

Can you use paint layers between layers?

If you want a plain look (see pic above) then you may use several paint layers, and don’t do a lot of sanding – only per the paint manufacturer’s directions between layers.

What is pallet art?

Pallets are generally scruffy pieces of wood put together for the purpose of carrying cargo, but not all pallets have to serve that function. If you have an artsy side, a pallet serves as a giant blank canvas to create interesting artwork. From big, bold patterns like the American flag to soft, serene landscapes, the unexpected use makes a dramatic statement for your home or yard.

How to keep rollers from drying out?

Tip: Between coats, you can place the roller with the brush still on it into a zip-close plastic bag and seal it , which helps keep the roller from drying out too quickly.

How big is a pallet?

Note: Each pallet is different. The one used in this project is 32-by-39 inches.

Where to display pallets?

Display the pallet in your yard or home. You could lean it against a tree, in a corner of the porch or patio, or even hang it on a wall in your home. It would also serve as festive decor for backyard barbecues and parties.

Can you lay plastic bags on top of a tarp?

Tip: You can also lay down some plastic bags on top of the tarp if you want to keep the tarp clean .

Who is Matthew Ashman?

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Step 5

Use remaining portions to attach three sections together – glue and nail/screw

Step 6

Remove dust with a damp washcloth. The surface is now ready for paint.

Step 7

Start with a base coat. Since pallets are porous, the paint will produce an uneven finish – my desired look. If you want a cleaner (less rustic) look, sand to a smoother finish and add primer.

Step 8

Draw or download an Image. I chose a modified version of the South Carolina Flag and printed it on card stock.

Step 9

Use an X acto knife or box cutter to cut out the stencil. Place stencil over surface. If you have fine features, you might want to add an adhesive to the stencil to get a cleaner look. Mask off all areas where you do not want paint. Paint with your desired color.

1. Sand them well before painting pallet wood

Pallets are usually made from rough, untreated wood, so they can be quite rough to touch and certainly need a good sanding down before you paint them. If they have been used as shipping containers, they may also have some surface rust on them that needs removing; this is easily done with a wire brush but wear protective goggles.

2. Primer is a must for painted pallet wood

Using a primer first is because untreated or lightly treated wood contains natural tannins that react with the chemicals in ordinary paints, causing it to go blotchy, making an uneven textured finish eventually, which is not attractive.

3. Different types of paint can be used on pallet wood

Most people use ordinary oil-based exterior house paint as it generally comes in sufficient quantity for a normal-sized painting project and at a reasonable price.

4. You can use varnish on painted pallet wood

If you are using oil-based paint, you will need to apply a coat of exterior varnish over it if you want the project to be outdoors, as this helps prevent UV rays from deteriorating it. You can also use interior varnish for projects that are indoors only but ensure you don’t get any on your skin or clothes as it is highly flammable and toxic.

5. Tools needed for painting pallet wood

Pallet wood comes in various thicknesses and lengths, so you might need to cut some of the lengths down with saws or even a hand-saw. You will also need a screwdriver or two for removing nails from pallets that have been dismantled.

6. Staining vs. painting pallet wood

Staining with oil-based paint can give nice results on pallet wood, but it isn’t as durable as paint, so you might want to put clear varnish over it after you have finished staining.


Painting a wood pallet is a great way to add some color and personality to your space while being budget-friendly. All of the supplies for this project can be found at your local hardware store or home improvement center, making it easy on any wallet.

How to get rid of dust on pallet wood?

If the dust settles in the pores, it can lead to your stain looking uneven and blotchy. Apply a wood conditioner to help the wood absorb stain evenly. Make sure that the wood is completely dry before you begin staining it. Applying stain on humid pallet wood will cause it to flake off.

What is pallet wood used for?

Pallet wood has long been used for repurposed projects and is a favorite with DIYers around the world. Working with pallet wood indeed requires some special skills, so if you’re a first-timer, learning the basics before you begin will certainly be helpful.

What is surface stain?

Surface Stains. These fast-drying water-based stains do not penetrate more in-depth than the first layer of wood cells. They are perfect for use on wood trims, frames, logs, spindles, railings, and wood-sided homes.

How deep do oil based stains penetrate?

Oil-based stains, alkyd dispersion stains, and water-oil emulsions penetrate four layers deep and offer excellent water-repellent properties. Quality brands will provide superior longevity and will wear evenly if applied correctly.

How deep do deep penetrating stain?

Deep Penetrating Stains. These are oil-based and penetrate about ½” deep into the wood. These stains don’t tend to flake like the others as there is no surface film created during or after application. However, they do leave behind an oily residue.

Do you need to sand pallet wood before staining?

Preparing the pallet wood before staining it will ensure proper application and a long-lasting stain. Keep these pointers in mind while preparing the pallet wood for staining. If you’re planning to stain your pallet with a dark brown color to create contrast with your all-white closet, you’ll need to sand them first.

Can you stain wood pallets?

Wood stains can give your project a vibrant, deep color and highlight the wood’s grain. But stains can’t provide long-term protection to your pallet project! Once you achieve the desired stain, apply a clear topcoat to protect the wood from water damage, scratches, and stains.

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