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how to paint nails

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To paint your nails, first open the nail polish you’re using and wipe the excess polish on the brush off on the rim of the bottle. Then, firmly press one of your hands down on a flat surface so it’s stable. Starting at your cuticles, gently brush the polish onto your nails using 3 strokes per nail until they’re all covered.

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  • How do I paint my fingernails without damaging them?

  • You could also soak your hands in a little warm water to ease this process. Then trim and file your nails. (make sure they’re completely dry, otherwise you could damage them!) FInally, go over your nails with a little nail polish remover – this will clean and prep them for painting.

  • How do you paint your nails to express yourself?

  • Painting your nails is a fun way to express yourself, so take some risks: If you want to channel school spirit, paint your nails alternating school colors. You can start with just one hand, or fully commit and alternate nail colors on both hands. Coordinate the color of your nails with an outfit of your choice.

  • What color nail polish should I Paint my Nails?

  • Paint your nails with a bold, statement-making shade. Bold or bright colors like red and yellow will catch everyone鈥檚 attention. If you鈥檙e interested in matching different bold colors of nail polish, consult a color wheel to see which colors will look good together.

  • How to make red nail art with nail polish?

  • Use your red nail polish to paint splotches on your nails. Once your base coat is dry, you can add the bare outlines of the roses. Take one of your nail art brushes. Dip it in the darker shade of red. Paint several splotches on each of your nails. Each nail can probably comfortably fit two to three roses.

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