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how to paint cardboard without warping

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How do you stop cardboard from warping?

[3] Apply very thin coats of paint to avoid warping. The less moisture that the cardboard is exposed to at a time, the less it will warp. Apply a very thin coat of paint and let it completely dry before applying another coat.

How to paint on cardboard without wrapping it?

Let’s go for applying the acrylic paint on cardboard without wrapping it. Acrylic paints can ensure bold color on your painting. But as you have to apply raw acrylic directly the cardboard, prepare the cardboard previously. Select a high-quality primer like gesso and apply several coats of gesso on cardboard.

Why is my cardboard box warping after painting?

Even the slightest amount of water on your cardboard box can result in warping, especially if you are using some form of waterbased paint and you have added a little too much water to the paint.

What kind of paint do you use on cardboard?

Painting with Acrylics Prime the cardboard with gesso for bold, bright colors. Before painting your cardboard, use a flat brush to paint a thin layer of gesso onto the cardboard in long, vertical strokes. Let the gesso dry for 24 hours, then apply a second coat for best results.

How Do You Fix Cardboard Warping?

Moisture is the leading cause of warping for paints you use on cardboard. Here are a few tips to prevent warping or curling:

Why does cardboard warp?

You might accidentally put too much paint on your cardboard or leave it in an area with a lot of moisture, which will cause it to warp or curl. There is still a way to repair the damage if it isn’t too bad.

How to avoid warping cardboard?

To avoid warping, apply extremely thin coats of paint. The less moisture that is exposed to the cardboard at one time, the less it will distort. Apply a thin coat of paint and let it dry completely before adding another.

What is the best medium for painting?

Cardboard is an excellent painting medium, but if you use too much paint or ink, the cardboard can twist or curl.

How close to paint a can?

Hold it 12 inches away from the cardboard when the can is ready and parallel to paint in a thin layer. If you get too close, the paint will pool and warp.

How long does it take for paint to dry?

Allow 2 hours for the paint to dry before applying a second layer. Although the first few layers may be slightly see-through, it’s preferable to have to apply multiple coats than to have your cardboard distort!

How to avoid painting the ground?

To avoid painting the ground, cover it with an old sheet, newspaper, or another piece of cardboard. Wear an protective clothing, a face mask, and gloves. (Learn How To Get Paint Out Of Hair)


Cardboard is a very versatile material, which can be used in many different ways. It’s also inexpensive and easy to find. But before you head off to the store to stock up on boxes of it, there are a few things you should know about painting cardboard first. Paint tends to warp cardboard when applied too heavily or without proper preparation.

What is Cardboard Warping?

Cardboard warping is the common problem of cardboard pieces having an irregular shape after painting. Before we learn how to paint cardboard without warping, we should first understand why it happens. Warping results from moisture and heat caused by a dryer or temperature differences between different parts of the cardboard.

Why Are Heftier Boxes Better?

The important thing here is not whether your boxes are larger or smaller. You can even use things like cake boxes to store your miniatures in as long as they’re properly wrapped up (covered by bubble wrap will do). What’s more important is how ‘hefty’ the boxes/wrapping paper is.

Step-wise Guide on How to Paint Cardboard Without Warping

Tools that you will need to paint cardboard without warping are few. Paintbrush, roller, masking tape, or some other material for covering your work surface. It would help if you also had a container filled with water and drying cloths to wipe off extra paint.

Precautions While Performing How to Paint Cardboard Without Warping

Use the recommended color and primer from your packaging of choice. It is vital to follow instructions here as the paint can be very unforgiving when misapplied.

Essential Tips to Reduce Warping in Cardboard

Humidity can make cardboard warp more easily. If you don’t have a well-ventilated work area, consider using a dehumidifier. It will help your painting projects dry faster and make the surface of your cardboard smoother and less likely to warp.


I hope this article has been beneficial for learning how to paint cardboard without warping. Ensure proper safety while performing the process. Thank you and have a nice day!

Why Should You Stop Wrapping your Cardboard from Wrapping?

Cardboard is a lucrative material for the artist who wants to learn painting. The professionals can prepare cardboard in such a way that it can enhance the beauty on an upper level.

Step 1 – Priming the Cardboard

Acrylic paints can ensure bold color on your painting. But as you have to apply raw acrylic directly the cardboard, prepare the cardboard previously.

Step 2 – Make the Surface Smooth

Though gesso hid the pore and spots of the cardboard, it left an uneven surface on the cardboard. A rough surface may create an obstacle to painting.

Step 3 – Painting on Cardboard

It’s time to paint your dream on the most desired cardboard. To paint on cardboard, you can use a soft paintbrush and apply color.

Painting with Spray Paint

Spray paints are suggested as the most suitable paint to apply on the cardboard paper. It reduces the chance of wrapping your cardboard paint or craft. The easy steps of using spray paints on cardboards are:

Things to Notice to Prevent Curling Cardboard

Moisture is the enemy for the cardboard while you want to use it for painting purposes.

Way of Fixing Warped Cardboard

It is a bit hard to keep paint cardboard unwrapped for a long day. It’s a popular material to all. Everybody chooses cardboard to paint on. Artiest plant to create new artwork. On the other hand, students use it for school projects.

How to stop paint from curling on cardboard?

Instead of squeezing paint straight onto the cardboard, dip the brush into the paint or squeeze a few drops onto the sponge. This gives you the ability to remove any excess paint from the brush before you start and will prevent patches of paint from sinking into the cardboard.

How to paint cardboard with gesso?

Before painting your cardboard, use a flat brush to paint a thin layer of gesso onto the cardboard in long, vertical strokes. Cardboard absorbs paint and dulls the colors, so gesso will give the paint something to bind to, and enhance the colors of your painting.

What happens if you put paint on cardboard?

If you put the can too close to the cardboard, your paint may pool and warp the cardboard. Instead, hold the can so that it’s parallel to the cardboard, and move it across the cardboard in your desired pattern. Try making zig-zags, polka dots, and swirls. Be creative!

How long does it take for gesso to dry?

2. Let the gesso dry for 24 hours, then apply a second coat for best results. Paint in the opposite direction to your first coat to help create a smooth and even base to paint on. Leave the gesso to dry for another 24 hours. If you can still see the cardboard under the gesso, wait another 24 hours and apply a third coat.

What color is gesso?

Most Gessoes are white, however, if you want a particular colour, mix a few drops of acrylic paint into the gesso to change the colour.

How to smooth out rough cardboard?

If you think that the rough surface caused by the gesso will distract from your painting, smooth it out with a light sand. Use smooth back and forth strokes to sand until all the bumps and protruding lines have been worn down.

Why put paper under cardboard?

Place paper underneath the cardboard to protect the surface you are working on.

How many coats of gesso to paint cardboard?

Gesso is a prime paint made from chalk and a binder which gives your cardboard that canvas finished look. It’s recommended to add two coats of gesso if you will be painting with acrylic paints and four coats of gesso if you will be painting with oils. And for a smoother surface, it’s recommended to sandpaper the cardboard in between coats.

What is cardboard used for in 2021?

March 22, 2021 by William S. Kenny. Many people have resorted to cardboard as an alternative to paint on, especially since it is considered a great low-budget type of canvas they can use to learn to paint or just to simply do some experimenting on. If you love art and have shopped around for art materials like canvas and artboards, …

How to make cardboard durable?

Use enough primer. Although the cardboard needs to be coated one thin layer at a time and allowed 24 hours to dry, using enough primer will make your cardboard durable.

How long to wait before painting cardboard?

Once applied, you should wait 24 hours before adding the next layer to prevent any type of damage to the cardboard.

Can you put gesso on carboard?

Although some people would rather add the gesso directly to the carboard without applying a sealant which is ok, others choose to use nothing at all and draw directly unto the cardboard which is also ok. That said, Everyone has different preferences and styles.

Can you seal cardboard to make it waterproof?

First, we need to seal the surface of the cardboard you choose with a sealant to make it waterproof; this will avoid the colors from damaging the cardboard plus paintings normally look better on sealed cardboard.

When using colors, it is recommended to add them directly to the brush you’re using or on a separate color?

When using colors, it is recommended to add them directly to the brush you’re using or on a separate color tray, this is to avoid dampness on the cardboard

Why is my cardboard warping?

Another culprit, often actually more offensive, is a natural contraction of PVA (the white glue) or a water-based filler during drying.

What glues are good for warping?

Use a polymer or nitrocellulose glue. This is the ultimate answer to warping. Those kinds of glues don’t shrink and cause no warping. Note that technically PVA is also a polymer but it is never called a ?polymer glue” on its bottle. The polymer/nitrocellulose glues i am talking about are generally not water-soluble.

Is nitrocellulose glue water soluble?

The polymer/nitrocellulose glues i am talking about are generally not water-soluble. This board heavily covered in polymer glue did not warp a bit even after many years of usage: Single layer of cardboard did not warp a bit despite a lot of glue. Polymer glue.

How many sides does a box need to have?

Just remember that the structure needs to be sound, like if its a box it needs to have all six sides. Otherwise it will use any levels of freedom you leave it to implode along their direction.

Which is better, double layered cardboard or perpendicular cardboard?

A double-layered cardboard is better if you glue the layers per pendicular to each other:

Does PVA glue shrink?

Even if you seal cardboard so that no drop of water penetrates it, the PVA will still shrink and pull the far sides of the board together like a bowstring: Warping caused by PVA glue. As you can see there is a clear smile-shaped warping. Slightly less noticable on the double-layered cardboard.

Does enamel paint smell?

Smelly enamel paints (either modelling ones like Revel or Humbrol or simply home-improvement paints from a DIY store) don’t contain water and are the best choice. Note however that cardboard is extremely good at keeping any smells it is exposed to so it may smell of the paint for years:

Is It Better To Spray Paint Or Paint Cardboard?

Both spray paint and paint applied with a brush can work well when applied to cardboard but you have to keep in mind that there are a huge number of different spray paint formulas on the market that have been designed to do slightly different things. In addition to this, there are also oil and acrylic based spray paint formulas but provided you stick with a formula designed for arts and crafts, they should all work with your cardboard without issue.

How Do You Prepare A Cardboard Box For Painting?

The most important step is to make sure that the cardboard box is both clean and dry but if needed, you can apply a primer to the card such as gesso but this is not essential. From there, you are pretty much ready to go and you can apply your paint of choice to your cardboard box as needed.

How Do You Paint A Cardboard Box Without Warping It?

To paint a cardboard box without warping it, make sure that the cardboard is dry prior to applying your paints, make sure that your paints don’t contain an excess of water and try to avoid leaving the cardboard box in a humid area while drying. Depending on the specific situation, the use of something like gesso is able to help prevent the warping of the cardboard box with specific paint formulas too.

How Do You Seal Paint On A Cardboard Box?

Sealing a cardboard box tends to be very straight forward and say due to so many of the popular paint salers on the market mounting to the actual paint rather than the cardboard itself. This mans that you should be able to easily find a suitable sealer for the type of paint that you apply to your cardboard and seal your paint without issue.

Can you use a waterproof sealer on a cardboard box?

If you do need to use a waterproof sealer for your cardboard box then a varnish based formula will usually be the best option for the majority of people. Not only does the varnish act as a great barrier against water but it will also protect against the vast majority of other contaminants that may cause problems for the painted cardboard box too.

Can you use gesso on cardboard?

Even a cheap gesso formula is able to offer you these benefits so if you are new to arts and crafts and don’t currently have a gesso product inyour accessories then many people will be able to pick on up for cheap. Gesso is very easy to use making it a beginner friendly product and the majority of people will be able to apply a thin coat of gesso to their cardboard box to get maximum benefits before applying their paint.

Do you need primer on cardboard boxes?

If your cardboard box has been glossed over then it becomes more likely that you will have to use a primer on your cardboard prior to applying your paint for optimal performance. If you are using a cheaper paint formula then the importance of a primer for your cardboard box also goes up due to some of the cheaper paint formulas often struggling to bond with any type of surface that has even the slightest gloss finish on it.

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