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how to paint cabinets

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How to Prep and Paint Kitchen CabinetsChoose the Right Paint. Purchase the appropriate supplies for your type of cabinets: solid wood,laminate or metal. …Prepare to Paint Kitchen Cabinets. …Prime Kitchen Cabinets. …Paint Kitchen Cabinets. …Refinish Cabinet Hardware. …Finish: Reassemble Kitchen Cabinets. …See How Your Neighbor Did It. …

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  • What is the best way to paint a kitchen cabinet?

  • Bonding primer will hold onto any cabinet material you have. Start by painting the more detailed areas with a paintbrush before working on larger areas with a roller. Paint along with the grain to make a smooth, even surface for your paint. Cover the entire surface with the primer and let it dry completely.

  • How do you store hardware when painting kitchen cabinets?

  • Put each type of hardware in its own Ziploc bag or another container along with its screws so nothing gets lost. Kitchen cabinets get greasy, so the paint may not adhere well unless you clean them thoroughly with a grease cutter, such as trisodium phosphate, which is sold in hardware stores, home centers, and paint stores.

  • How do you get paint off of wood cabinets?

  • Starting at the top of the cabinet or frame, paint a layer of paint stripper on the surface. Let the stripper sit for at least 45 minutes. Use a plastic paint scraper to gently remove the paint in long strokes. Scrape all of your cabinets until the surface is flat and even.

  • How do you paint cabinets with a feather brush?

  • Spread out any pools of paint with the bristle tips of your brush to feather it. Let one side of your cabinet doors dry completely before flipping them over to paint the other side. For wood or laminate cabinets, paint along with the grain to hide your brush strokes.

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