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how to paint bathroom cabinets like a pro

how to paint bathroom cabinets like a pro插图

What is the best color for bathroom cabinets?

What Color Should Bathroom Cabinets Be?White. If you have a dark bathroom,then having white cabinets can be a good way to lighten up the space. …Beige. If you want your bathroom to feel warm and classic,then beige is a good cabinet color choice. …Light Gray. Pale shades of gray are contemporary and subtle. …Dark Gray. …Blue. …Green. …Black. …Mirrored. …Wooden. …

What is the best moisture resistant paint for bathrooms?

What is the Best Moisture Resistant Paint for Bathrooms?Best brands of paint for bathrooms. One of the best brands of paint for painting bathrooms is Sherwin Williams. …Features to Consider when Choosing Moisture resistant paint for bathrooms. …Frequently Asked Questions – Moisture Resistant Paint for Bathrooms. …Conclusion – Best Moisture Resistant Paint For Bathrooms. …

How to paint bathroom cabinets for an easy Vanity upgrade?

Tape and Prime the VanityApply painter’s tape around the perimeter of the vanity to tape off the underside of the vanity and any adjacent areas you want to keep paint-free,such as the walls,…Apply a coat of primer with brush and roller. …Prime all doors and drawer fronts using the same method.As directed,allow it to dry and apply a second coat as needed.More items…

What is the best paint for a bathroom vanity?

Type of paint to use in bathroomMatte (flat) You can use a matte finish for the walls in your toilet. …Eggshell. This slightly sheen,washable paint is an elegant option for your bathroom. …Satin. This velvety option with moderate luster is an excellent solution for the high-traffic bathroom. …Semi-gloss. …High-gloss. …Super gloss. …

Which paint type is perfect for your bathroom cabinets ?

Painting bathroom cabinet is such a remodeling highlight the entire place. Wood cabinet can complement with different color scheme. You cannot go with any of the choice except primer. This is an essential prep for dark and stained surface of the cabinet as the original finish stow away perfectly.

How to paint bathroom cabinets like a pro

Painting a bathroom vanity will be more quickly and inexpensive with great preparation. Hopefully, after reading this you will be confident to paint bathroom cabinets like a pro with our provided techniques. In this cycle prep we advised to ask professional painter to satisfy your query to make your first attempt successful.

Things you will need

To make the painting of bathroom cabinets much easier these things will be helpful. We made a list to height them.


Here we are attaching A to Z instruction to make you comfortable even it is you first attempt. Before going to any step of this you spread drop cloth around the work area to prevent getting paint on the floor and other tools missing. Let’s start and complete the painting task step by step.

Remove hardware modules

Taking out all the doors and drawers along with hinges. Then take a piece of painter tape inside the drawer labeling where the came from and any surface you want to protect as countertops where the join the cabinet and label each of the piece to identify which cabinet it belongs to.

Clean The Cabinet

The rule of thumb is cleaning the outside surface of the cabinet’s drawer fronts, boxs, she and both sides of the doors using product such as trisodium phosphate (TSP) or less toxic substitute which smoothly remove grease and grime.

Repair And Sand

If you are painting a wood kitchen cabinet, a putty knife and wood putty will be very useful to fill any nicks or dent of any damage and wait to dry. After that you should start sand smoothly.

Remove Hardware

You need to start by taking out all the cabinet drawers and doors from the cabinet and removing the hardware. You do not need to paint over hardware, such as handles and hinges. The prime reason for this is it will impact the way the cabinet works.

Clean Cabinets

Fully dust and clean all vanity surfaces using a solution of TSP (trisodium phosphate) and water following the manual’s instructions. Cleaning the vanity is a crucial step to make sure the primer nicely bonds with the surface. After completing the cleaning process, wipe dry with a cloth.

Scuff Cabinet Surface

For scuffing the surface of cabinet frames, you can either use a sanding sponge or a folded medium-grit sandpaper. The amount you will require to scuff will depend on the cabinet’s existing finish. Generally, the majority of the painted finishes and sealed woods need light sand only to make the smooth surface rough.


Apply primer to every drawer and door front using a roller, sprayer, or brush. If you possess one, a paint sprayer will better accomplish a pro finish. You can have them on rent from any nearby hardware shop or buy them. If you utilize a brush, paint with smooth, long strokes, so slightly visible brushstrokes. Let the primer dry.


There are numerous things to consider when choosing bathroom paint. Just like the walls of your bathroom, the vanity and cabinets unit require protection from humidity, moisture, chipping, and staining. Everyone uses the bathroom more than other parts of the house. Therefore, you need paint that is mildew-resistant and effortlessly washable.

Let The Paint To Dry Completely

Generally, the drying time for any kind of paint is around 24-48 hours. Though, it might take more than a week for it to solidify to the point that it gets resistant to scratches and other marks. To make it dry faster, leave the windows and doors open to give airflow. You need to keep in mind the following things:

How much does it cost to replace a bathroom vanity?

The cost to install or replace a bathroom vanity ranges from $300 to $3,800 and is about $1,500 on average.

How to apply primer to a drywall wall?

Use a brush or roller to apply a layer of primer. Let it dry, then apply one more layer of primer.

Do you need primer for latex paint?

Many furniture painters like the ease of painting with chalk-finish paint because it doesn’t require a primer coat first. There are many chalk-finish paint brands available on the market today.

Can you paint the inside of a bathroom vanity?

If you’ve decided to paint only the front-facing parts of your bathroom vanity, line the inside with newspaper or plastic to keep it clean. Otherwise, feel free to paint the entire thing, but just be sure to sand accordingly.

Is oil based paint good for cabinets?

In the past, an oil-based paint was usually preferred for cabinets in the bathroom or kitchen because of excellent leveling properties and a hard finish that was resistant to chipping. Unfortunately, oil paint has a strong odor and is harder to clean up. Luckily, improvements to latex paints have made them almost as durable as oil paint.

Is latex paint as durable as oil paint?

Luckily, improvements to latex paints have made them almost as durable as oil paint. Latex (water-based) paints made for doors, windows and trim are a good choice for cabinets. This type of paint has an added hardener and excellent leveling properties.

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