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how to paint baseboards with hardwood floors

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Can you paint a baseboard?

Painting a baseboard is a fine illustration of the rule that preparation makes the difference between a subpar job and a satisfying, professional-quality finish. After you’ve protected the floor by laying down a drop cloth or taping down a layer of plastic sheeting, it’s best to begin by inspecting the baseboard molding for any nicks or dings.

How to paint hard wood floors?

Steps Buy the paint suitable for the hard wood floor: poly urethane paint, wood stain for coloring wood natural color, sanding paper no.100 and 120grit, planer, sander, paint brush, air compressor, spray gun, gloves, face mask. Clean the hard wood, remove any debris, and remove rough surface using planer.

Can you paint over varnish on wood floors?

To paint a hardwood floor, start by sanding the wood to remove any preexisting layers of varnish or enamel. Then, prime any unfinished wood with an oil-based primer. Once the primer has dried, you can apply your top coat with a brush or roller depending on the texture that you want.

Can You sand down polyurethane baseboards?

If they’re unpainted wood baseboards, you’ll need to sand to remove the polyurethane top coat first. These old baseboards had layers of old paint drips on them, and lots of scratches and dents to smooth out, so I used an 80 grit sanding sponge to remove all the imperfections.

Do you need to paint baseboards before installation?

For the most part, this is unavoidable. Whether you are painting the baseboards in place by design, or doing touch up after you have painted and installed. You will most likely need to do some form of painting in place to cover up nail holes, gaps, and caulk. Option 3: Paint Baseboards Before Installation.

Can you paint baseboards with hardwood floors?

How to Paint Baseboards with Hardwood Floors. If you have an older home or are just looking to upgrade your baseboards, adding a new coat or color can bring them to life. If you have new wall colors, maybe they’re looking kind of dull. For this home improvement project, you have a couple of options. All of them involve some level of painting in …

Can you reinstall baseboards?

If you are up for the challenge of removing your baseboards, and prepared to reinstall them, you have an opportunity to simplify the baseboard painting process and min imize issues with getting paint on your hardwood floors.

Can you remove baseboards from drywall?

In most cases, this is the least preferred option. Removing baseboards can be a tedious task, you need to be careful not to damage them, and the drywall, while competing with caulk and other elements that have accumulated over time.

What to do if you accidentally paint a floor?

If you accidentally get any paint onto the floor surface you can use the damp cloth to remove the mistake and leave no traces of paint on the floor.

How to cover trim with paint?

Use thin layers of paint to cover the trim. If you use thicker layers of paint you will be more apt to have runs or drips in the paint. Thin layers dry quicker and have less of a tendency to run or drip.

How to remove painters tape from a wall?

If your painters tape is removing any of the finish of the area below it then heat the tape with a hairdryer and remove while it is hot . The hair dryer will cause the adhesive to turn loose so you can remove the tape easily.

How to apply rosin paper?

Apply the rosin paper in strips. You want to over-lap the paper sections by as much as 1” when you are doing this.

What is rosin paper?

Rosin paper is used by construction professionals to reduce the air and moisture flow through a wall or a floor. This paper is normally red in color. It is made from resin that is extracted from plants and pine trees.

Can alcohol wipes be used on latex paint?

The alcohol in these wipes is capable of softening the latex paint and allowing it to be removed. Before you do this try rubbing the pad on a small section of flooring that is unseen. The pad should not damage the flooring but doing a test section will determine for sure whether the pad will damage the flooring finish.

When you remove a board to paint, do you have to let it dry?

If you remove the boards to paint them you have to let them dry completely before you try to put them back in the room.

How much sandpaper should I use for baseboards?

Go up to 120 or 150 grit sandpaper for the rest of the surface, so you don’t leave scratches in the old paint from the coarse sandpaper.

How do I repair a recessed baseboard?

Once the nails are recessed in the wood, fill the holes with a quick squirt of spackle. Patch up any scratches or dents in the baseboards the same way. I just use my finger to smooth it out, leaving a little excess on the surface in case it shrinks.

What does the magnet on the paint pail do?

If you need to take a break, or move to another section of wall, the magnet on the Handy Paint Pail keeps your brush out of the paint so it doesn’t get overloaded.

How to paint trim on a pail?

Pour enough paint into the pail for the section of trim you’re working on, then close the lid on the can. Dip the bottom two inches of the brush in the paint, then wipe most of the excess off on the flat part of the pail. Only keep a minimal amount of paint on the brush to avoid creating drips.

What do I use to protect my floor from paint drips?

It’s important to protect the floor from paint drips and stray brush marks , so I like to lay down a wide strip of painter’s tape.

How to smooth out a caulk tube?

Cut the very tip of the caulk tube at an angle, and use a caulk gun to run a thin bead down the seam. Then use a damp paper towel wrapped over your finger to smooth it out and remove the excess. Allow the caulk to dry for the amount of time indicated on the tube before you start painting.

How to clean painter’s tape off baseboards?

Dip a sponge into the TSP water, then use it to clean all the baseboards, as well as the bottom of the wall. This will allow the painter’s tape to adhere better to the surface and create a crisp, clean line.

How to strip a large area?

Use an orbital or belt sander for larger areas. Rent an orbital or belt sander at your local hardware store and attach a sheet of 100-grit sandpaper to strip any larger surface areas.

How to make a hash mark on paint?

Mix your primer and fill a paint tray. Set a drop cloth down underneath your primer and paint tray. Use a flathead screwdriver to pry the lid of your primer off and mix it with the mixing stick until the color is uniform and even. Tilt the can over a paint tray and fill it to the first hash mark with primer.

How to sand a door with 100 grit sandpaper?

Starting at the furthest corner from the door, put a sheet of 100-grit sandpaper down on the floor. Put your hand on top of the sheet and press down before rubbing in a circular motion. Cover a section 5-6 times before moving your sandpaper to another section of the floor.

How to load primer on a door handle?

Attach your roller to the handle by sliding it on the head and roll it back and forth along the hash marks in your paint tray to load it up with primer. Roll slowly and work your way towards the door.

What do you use to cover quarter round baseboards?

Tape baseboards and quarter-round with painter’s tape if you want to keep them clean. While it isn’t mandatory, you can use painter’s tape to cover quarter-round or baseboards to keep paint from dripping or splashing along any unwanted edges.

How to get paint off of wood?

The process of stripping finish and paint off of wood requires a lot of sanding, so wear a dust mask or respirator to prevent the inhalation of wood dust or debris. Wear some heavy gloves so that you don’t get splinters all over your hands.

What color makes a room look bigger?

Lighter colors tend to make rooms look bigger and are easier to clean. White is a popular option for kitchens, since it’s easier to clean.

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