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how to paint aurora borealis

how to paint aurora borealis插图

How do you paint the aurora borealis?If you’re using an 11″ x 14″ canvas,measure 2″ from the bottom.Use a 3/4″ flat and the two colors Titanium White Medium Magenta to paint a pink glow above the horizon line.Blend Cerulean Blue into the sky.Blend Cobalt Blue into the sky as you work your way up.

Can we make our own Aurora Borealis?

With proper googling, you can find sites that claim you can create your own aurora in your own home, although near as I can tell these involve visual trickery rather than the actual physical processes that create auroras in real life (energized particles in magnetic fields). Do this instead of buying expensive solar panels (it’s genius).

What causes the different colors in the aurora borealis?

What Causes the Aurora Borealis’ Colors?Aurora Colored From Top to Bottom. You can see a solid-colored aurora,but it’s possible to get a rainbow-like effect through the bands.Solid Colored Aurora. Solid green and solid red auroras have been seen. …Element Emission Colors. Oxygen: The big player in the aurora is oxygen. …Aurora Colors According to AltitudeBlack Aurora. …Aurora on Other Planets. …

How does the aurora borealis get its color?

The colors of the aurora vary, depending on altitude and the kind of atoms involved. If ions strike oxygen atoms high in the atmosphere, the interaction produces a red glow. This is an unusual aurora—the most familiar display, a green-yellow hue, occurs as ions strike oxygen at lower altitudes.

What makes Aurora Borealis glow?

What Makes the Color in the Aurora Borealis? Color is emitted when the excited atoms and molecules release energy as they drop into a more normal state. The composition of the atmosphere, its density and the altitude where it occurs determines the light emissions that occur. The oxygen molecules create the greenish glow.

How to paint a magenta auora?

In my painting, I have one medium magenta auora in the middle. Load your 1/4″ flat brush with medium magenta and titanium white. Start at the bottom close to the horizon line. Paint a long wave stroke to the top. This was all done in one stroke and, yes, my paint did run dry as I reached the top.

How to make a light pink color with titanium paint?

Then add the medium magenta to the brush and paint it over the white. The medium magenta will blend with the white creating a light pink color.

How to make pink paint lighter?

Don’t rinse your brush after the white, leave it on there. Then add medium magenta to your brush and paint over the white area lightly. Your pink will turn to a lighter color.

How to paint a tree with a fan brush?

Refer to this tutorial for how to paint trees with a fan brush. Use your 10/0 liner to paint the middle line of the tree trunk. Then use your fan brush to paint the branches. It helps to water the black down slightly to an “ink consistency” when doing trees, that way your black will flow better.

How to blend cerulean blue and magenta?

Go slow when blending the cerulean with the medium magenta. Lightly stroke over the area where the two colors meet until they fade together. Then as you work your way up the canvas, add more cerulean blue so that the sky gets gradually darker. In the next step we will be blending cobalt blue.

How to blend cobalt blue into black?

Be careful with this black! It spreads fast and you still need to blend cobalt blue into the black. Start out by adding only a tiny bit of black to your brush. Then with left and right strokes blend your way up the canvas adding more black and less cobalt blue.

How to paint spiral lines on paper?

Double load your angle brush (that means dip it in both white and aqua green). Then paint some spiral lines on the paper. Use the angle brush the same way you use it when you paint a wall in your home! Hold it so the top tip of the angle is opposite of the direction you are painting.

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Beginner Northern Lights Acrylic Painting Lesson of an aurora Borealis with nebula in the starry Sky. This is a easy Fullly step by step painting


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