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how to paint an eyeball

how to paint an eyeball插图

So let’s start the demo on how to paint eyes.1. Trace out the line drawing onto tracing paper. Lightly transfer the main outline of the eye as well as the upper eyelid crease. …2. Transfer the left edge of the eyeball creating a small triangular area on the left. …3. Transfer the iris and basecoat it with Dark Chocolate using the filbert. …More items

How to paint the inside of an eye?

Before you head on towards painting the inside of an eye, move on to painting the flesh around it first. Mix the right proportion of Yellow Ochre and Winsor Red to get the ideal and desired skin tone and paint. Attentively, paint the crease of your eye and under eye creases and folds too as to add the right detailing.

How do you draw an eyeball with a paintbrush?

Put the lid back on. Draw some red veins in the corners of the eyeball using the red lipliner. To make some eyeball reflections, paint on 2 little white dots between the pupil and iris using the back of your paintbrush. Did you make this project?

How to paint highlight on the eye?

When mixing your bright color for the highlight on the eye, the paint should sit on top of the tip of the brush. Do not press the paint into the brush as you mix, because in order to transfer that paint to your painting, you will have to press and smudge the brush, and this will create a less than desirable effect.

How do you make a pupil of the eye?

This circle will become the pupil of the eye. Paint the two balls white with acrylic paint, then allow to dry. Very carefully use a compass and pencil to make a circle at the top of the ball. Make another circle with the compass one inch smaller. Paint the resulting round road blue on one ball and green on the other.

The Anatomy of an Eye

The anatomy of the eye is not as tricky as you may think, but understanding the different shapes and curves is key when painting a realistic eye.

How to paint Eyes Easy: Best Techniques

You can paint an eye using any technique and medium you are comfortable with.

Acrylic Painting

When you paint eyes, acrylic paint can also be used in the process of alla Prima. Alla prima painting is actually very easy with acrylics, as they dry at lightning speed compared to oils.

How to Add the Iris and Reflection Area

Adding tiny details to a painting of an eye can be difficult depending on how large the eye is! If you are working smaller, make sure the brush you are using is suited for tiny details, such as the iris, the sparkle, and any reflections you can see.

Adding Eyelashes

Painting the eyelashes to a painting of an eye is like adding the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae. It’s so satisfying and fun!

Step 1: Draw in the Eye

The first step is to draw in the upper portion of the eyeball. Space out about 5-6 inches from the top of your canvas and using a brown or dark red colored pencil, create a downward curved line. I usually leave 3-4 inches of clearance on both the right and left side of the line.

Step 2: Paint in the Skin Around the Eye

Mix unbleached titanium white with a tiny bit of yellow and load it onto your flat brush. Proceed to paint the surrounding skin around the eye, using slightly curved horizontal strokes.

Step 3: Paint the Iris Color

With your rinsed, wet flat wash brush loaded with green, paint in the iris color.

Step 4: Paint the Skin Shadows

Mix together unbleached titanium white, red, blue and titanium white to create a darker skin tone. Using your flat wash brush (un-rinsed), proceed to add curved horizontal strokes along the eye fold area.

Step 4: Paint the Skin Highlights

Mix unbleached titanium white with a bit of white and make sure to load your flat wash brush with a bit of paint (not too much). Proceed to lightly dry brush the color starting from above the tear duct to a bit halfway over the eye flap.

Step 5: Add Eye Ball Shadows

With your rinsed round brush, mix equal parts blue and red with a bit of white. Then, add the color to the tear ducts and to the rightmost bottom edges of the eye.

Step 6: Paint in the Whites of the Eye

With a rinsed round brush dipped in white, add in the whites of the eye. Doing this softens the eye ball shadows to help give it more depth.

Supplies you need to draw

You can use anything as long as you have a sheet of paper and pencil but click on the following link to another article I posted to discover the best tools for drawing.

Step 2: Add circle for iris

At the tip of the almond close off that little soft triangle, this will be your tear duct.

Step 3: Draw a bigger circle for the eyeball

Add a smaller circle in that first circle, and make a much larger circle that is a continuation of the line you used to close off the tear duct.

Step 4: Erase details and start shading

Now erase all but a little bit of the eyeball guide on the bottom of the eye, just enough so you can still see the curve.

Step 5: Add lines around pupil and details for iris

Take a darker color in the iris and add little lines around the pupil, and then do the same with a much lighter color.

Step 6: Add darker shading around eyelids

Now, where those two lines meet on the lid from the previous step, we’re going to add some darker shading.

Step 7: Draw eyelashes

Time to get some lashes going. At the top of the almond shape make a line that has dips and peaks.

Step 1

Clean your concrete statue outside with a hose. Spray water gently all over your statue, without soap. Allow it to completely dry for 24 hours.

Step 2

Brush on a latex base coat over the eye area of your statue with a fine paintbrush. You may need to purchase a fine brush from an art store, rather than the hardware store, to paint with fine detail.

Step 3

Wash your brush with soap and water to remove the base coat paint. Allow your brush and statue to dry for 24 hours.

Step 4

Dip your fine paintbrush into black exterior latex paint. Brush on some paper towels to be sure you do not have too much paint on the brush. Paint a circle in the center of the eye. Repeat for the other eye. Wait several hours and add another coat of black in the center of both eyes.

Step 5

Wash your brush with soapy water. Dry the brush with a paper towel. Dip the brush into light brown paint, and paint on a paper towel first, to be sure you do not have too much paint on the brush. Paint the line around the edge of the eye. Repeat with the other eye. Allow the eyes to dry for 24 hours.

Step 6

Seal the painted eyes with exterior concrete sealer using your paintbrush. Allow it to dry completely before moving your statue into place.

How to Make Eyeball Painted Rocks

Varying the markers and gel pens will give variety to your painted eyeball colors. Using blues, greens, and aquas will make blue irises. Make green irises using green and gold supplies. Browns, golds, and coppers will create brown irises. The sky is the limit, just like with real eyeballs.


Paint base coat on all rocks using 1/2" paintbrush and white acrylic paint. Use 2-3 coats as needed to cover, and dry completely.


Eyeball painted rocks can be made using acrylic paints and small detail paintbrushes instead of paint markers if desired. I prefer the markers for ease of use and control (and cleanup!). Vary marker and pen colors to make other colored irises.

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Making Paper Mache Eyes

I made these two eyes for my Halloween yard display. They are very effective at scaring the children because they have to walk past them on their way to the door for trick-or-treating. Below are step-by-step instructions and original photos so you can follow along and make your own creepy eyeball lawn ornaments for Halloween.

Halloween DIY Eye Decorations

I have given step by step-by-step instructions with plenty of my own photos to help you make your own spooky eye decorations for Halloween. These decorations can be made by kids or adults as they are very easy to make.

Step 1: Make Homemade Glue

I always make my own glue for these projects because it saves an awful lot of money. If you want, you can buy glue instead, but I recommend making your own because it is cheap and very effective.

Step 4: Display Your Halloween Eye Decorations

You can not put the eyes out in your yard display until you have weighed them down. Otherwise, they will blow away. I used two pieces of heavy wood for the job.

More DIY Halloween Ideas

Here are links to my other DIY Halloween crafts. They’re all really fun to make. Each article includes step-by-step instructions and original process photos.

Step 1: Gather Paints

Take the colors of dark blue, light blue, green, white, and black. Make sure the paint is acrylic paint.

Step 3: Take Elmer’s Glue

Get some Elmer’s glue. This will mix with the paint, so it will stick to the foam.

Step 6: Dry the Eyeball

Put the eyeball in front of a fan or hair dryer, to dry the eyeball completely.

Step 7: Mix Black Paint and Glue

Next, mix the black acrylic paint with the Elmer’s glue, just like you did before.

Step 9: Paint Half Foam Ball

Take the black paint mixed with the glue and paint it into the half foam ball for the pupil.

Step 10: Draw a Circle for the Iris

After the big foam ball has dried, draw a circle around the center of the ball for the iris.

Step 11: Take Dark Blue Acrylic Paint

Take the dark blue acrylic paint and put it on the plate for the iris.

Step 2: Make the Lid

Draw a circle on top of the orange pumpkin that’s a bit bigger than your small white pumpkin.

Step 4: Cut Out the Eye

Measure the little pumpkin while it’s on its side, then mark that width on the front of the big pumpkin.

Step 5: Paint on Eyeball Details

Place the little pumpkin back inside on its side with the smooth rounded side facing the eye opening. Draw a circle around the middle. This will be the pupil to the eyeball. Make sure it’s almost touching the top and bottom of the eye.

Step 6: Insert the Eyeball

Place the little pumpkin back inside and press flush up against the eye opening.

Step 7: Add the Final Details

Draw some red veins in the corners of the eyeball using the red lipliner.

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