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how to paint a santa face

how to paint a santa face插图

How do you paint Santa’s face with red paint?

Underneath the line, just go from left to right, making a slightly curved red line of paint. With short, vertical strokes, paint in the mouth above and below the black line. Put a little more red paint on your paintbrush and lightly paint two circles, one on each side of Santa’s face.

What kind of paint do you use to paint Santa Claus?

You can use any kind of paint — poster, oil, acrylic or watercolor. Your painting of a Santa Claus face can be used on a Christmas card — you can make multiple copies on a color photocopier or scan it into your computer and print it.

How do you make Santa’s hat look like a fur coat?

This is the edge of Santa’s hat. Make the hat edge about 1 inch thick. Go over the whole band with white dots; this should give the effect of fur. Fill in any gaps at the side of Santa’s head with downward strokes of white paint to make hair.

How to paint a dog with no nose?

Start gently painting in with small brushstrokes all the areas of his skin, using a thin paintbrush — on his forehead, around his eyes (not inside them), his cheeks and anywhere around the mouth that is visible. At the moment it will look as if he has no nose — don’t worry, we will make a nose shape in the next step.

How to paint Santa’s nostrils?

Dab the tip of a thin brush in the black paint. Go right to the very center of the page and make two small dots about a 1/4 inch apart. These will be Santa’s nostrils.

How to paint a mouth?

Dab a thin paintbrush into the red paint. Go to the black line you painted as a mouth. Paint from the edge of the left-hand side, above the line, a bow shape of a mouth. Underneath the line, just go from left to right, making a slightly curved red line of paint. With short, vertical strokes, paint in the mouth above and below the black line.

How to make Santa’s eyebrows?

Go about 1/2 inch above each eye and paint white slightly curved lines, curving downward, that are slightly longer than each eye. These will be Santa’s eyebrows. Layer theh lines to make them thicker.

How to make a beard with paint?

Add more white paint to your brush, and about 1/2 inch under the line of the mouth, start making downward lines with your paint. This will be the beard. How long you make the beard is up to you, but you need to make it go right to the outer edge of the mustache. Keep making downward, slightly wavy lines, layering them to give the appearance of thickness.

How to make a portrait painting?

Set out your paint colors, mixing board (this can be an old piece of wood or board that you don’t use or just plastic yogurt cartons) and water. Set up your paper and canvas so that it is in front of you on a stand or just a bit of old board or wood. Use masking tape to keep the paper or canvas in place. Place you paper or canvas in "portrait" orientation.

How to make a peachy skin?

Mix together on your mixing board a small blob of red paint, about three drops of white paint, and about two drops of orange paint. You are trying to create a skin coloring, so if you prefer the skin to be lighter, add more white. If you want the skin darker, add a little more red, For a kind of peachy color, add more orange.

Best St. Nick Painting Tutorial For First Time Painters

If you’re new to acrylic painting and are someone who enjoys stretching their creative muscle during the holiday season, let me suggest this awesome and really easy Santa painting tutorial by The Art Sherpa.

Easy Landscape Painting Step-by-Step Featuring Santa and His Sleigh

Next up, we’ve got a wonderful nighttime snowy landscape painting featuring Santa on his yearly trip. In Michelle the Painter’s “Here Comes Santa” painting tutorial, you’ll use a limited color palette and only a couple of brushes.

Gorgeous Santa Portrait Painting Tutorial

This Santa painting tutorial, “Learn to Paint Santa Claus Portrait” by Angela Anderson, focuses on Santa’s face and everything that goes into making him look like the jolly ol’ St. Nick you’re used to seeing during the holiday season.

Final Word on Painting Santa

The best part of following along with a Santa painting tutorial is that it’s like the adult version of coloring a Santa picture in the days before the Christmas break begins, when you were a kid. It brings up old feelings of excitement and the belief in magic that only Santa Claus can inspire.

What brush do you use to paint Santa’s mask?

With a small chisel brush (or a round brush #4) loaded with regular white, I painted a characteristic white border on the mask, Santa’s beard and the white on his hat.

Where is the belt buckle placed in the FP?

Like with all my other designs, the focal point theory plays an important role in this one too. The belt buckle is placed in the central FP and the cape (and bottom snowflake) are directed towards the chin FP.

Who is the assistant of Santa Claus?

No big beard and rosy cheeks this year for the little Santa’s, but a super cool Santa Claus face paint with his assistant — Rudolph!

Can you skip the blue lowlights?

Skip the blue lowlights. I think they will make it look much nicer, but… when there is very little time, you can also skip these.

Can you paint Superman’s face?

For the ones who don’t like to paint faces, that’s a great alternative too. You could even use the shape of a Superman logo (maybe you have a stencil for that one?) and paint it in the candy cane or Christmas colors!

How to paint snowflakes?

To paint the snowflakes, use a #4 round brush and titanium white. Use the very tip of your brush to paint the lines of the snowflakes so they go in an asterisk. Then add different designs onto the snowflake. You can also do spirals in the back and add little dots for the snow.

How to make Santa’s beard gray?

Alternatively, you can mix black with white on your brush to make a gray. Paint strokes on the bottom of the mustache and sort of blend it with the white. Then add some more of that gray in his beard. I had my Santa’s beard be curly so I did several spiral strokes.

What color brush do you use for Santa’s hat?

For the background, I used a 3/4″ flat wash brush and two colors: turquoise blue and titanium white. This is where you can customize your background! If you don’t want to do turquoise, choose a color that will stand out against Santa’s bright red hat.

What brush do you use to highlight a hat?

Use a #4 round brush and titanium white to add some highlight on his hat in some areas.

How to make glitter stick to hat?

Apply the gloss medium where you want your glitter to stick. I did mine on the puffy ball of his hat and on the fluffy part of the base of his hat. Use any brush to apply the medium.

How to paint a crimson cheek?

And paint his cheek. Press and kind of form a circle.

How to make a squid look like his mouth is open?

If you want him to look like his mouth is open, paint the upper part of it mars black.

Step 1: The Base

Paint the sky with a blue tones Split Cake and a semicircular sponge. Don’t forget to paint the center of the background with the lighter colors to recreate the moon halo. Then, paint a moon at the center of the forehead with a sponge stippler and shimmer white paint.

Step 2: Stencil Time

Use black paint, a dauber sponge and the Santa’s Sled Stencil from BAM Stencils to paint Santa Claus and his reindeer sleigh very quick! Use it also to paint the first houses.

Step 3: Paint the Trees

Use the dauber sponge and stencil again to create the trees with green tones Split Cake. With the black paint, stencil more houses.

Step 4: Paint the Eyelids

Paint the eyelids with the sponge and the blue tones Split Cake and paint the inner corners of the eyes with the shimmer white. Use another sponge to fill the rest of the eyelids with the lighter green tones of the Split Cake. Clean the edges with a wet wipe if necessary.

Step 5: Add Highlights and Snow

Time to paint highlights, snow and sparkles! Use white face paint and a #3 round brush to paint the falling snow with different sizes dots. Then, use a smaller one like a #2 round brush to paint the sparkles, the highlights of trees and the homes’ windows.

Step 6: Paint the Ornaments

With the #2 round brush, use yellow and red paints to create the ornaments of the trees, like balls and stars. Then, with the same brush and white paint, paint some swirls and dots around the eyes to frame the design.

Optional Steps

Line the eyelids with the black paint and the #2 round brush. Then, paint the lips with a red lipstick. For a sparklier look, apply an i ridiscent glitter to the forehead and lips to finish.

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