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how to paint a rose

how to paint a rose插图

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To paint a rose, start by painting a circleusing the color you want your rose to be. Then, double-load your brush with the main color and some white paint, and paint a series of rounded, wavy strokes around the circle, which will be the rose’s outer petals. Next, paint another series of rounded, wavy strokes coming off the circle, but make …

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  • Is it easy to paint roses?

  • Roses are one of the most popular flowers, but not as easy to paint. In this class you will learn the secrets used by the top professionals to paint realistic roses. Learn how to make the rose petals look soft and dainty.

  • How do you paint rose petals with a brush?

  • Clean off your brush and pick up some of the shadow color on your brush. Use the same comma stroke and paint in your rose petal shadows. Try to fill in the white space around and in between your strokes from step 1. Clean off your brush and pick up some of the highlight color on your brush.

  • How do you paint a circle around a rose?

  • Paint a circle in the rose鈥檚 primary color. Choose the color of acrylic paint you wish the rose to be, lay some paint on a palette, then load up your brush. Use a flat, mid-sized brush you have available to draw a rough circle. The circle doesn鈥檛 have to be perfect.

  • How do you paint roses with blending gel?

  • How to Paint Roses 1 Load blending gel onto a flat brush with blending gel to combine colors. 2 Paint a circle in the rose鈥檚 primary color. 3 Double-load a brush with your main color and white. 4 Create a series of rounded strokes along the edge of the circle. 5 Make another circle using curved, wavy strokes. See More….

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