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how to paint a metal mailbox

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How do you paint a metal mailbox with spray paint?

Return to your project once the headache goes away. Apply spray paint primer to the mailbox. Choose an outdoor quality spray paint primer that is intended for metal. It does not matter what color your use, but a medium grey seems to give you the most neutral base to work on.

How can I decorate my mailbox?

Paint some designs onto the mailbox. You can paint them directly using a paintbrush, or you can sketch the design out first with a pencil, and then paint over that. Here are some ideas to get you started: Paint something garden related, such as butterflies, ladybugs, tulips, daffodils, or ivy. Paint some random designs, such as spirals and swirls.

What is the best color to paint a mailbox?

There is no standard color when it comes to mailboxes and you can paint them with whatever color you like. Some of the most popular options for homeowners include black, blue, and white. Of course, you can also be as creative as you like when painting your mailbox.

What did the old metal mailbox look like?

The old metal mailbox was black and somewhat rusty. I’m pretty sure it was original to the house. Before deciding to paint our mailbox we had ordered a new mailbox online (you can see the one I ordered HERE ), but my opinionated hubby wasn’t a fan of the one ordered.

How to remove oil from metal mailbox?

Use the screwdriver to do this by turning the screws to the left to loosen them. Put the screws in a safe place. Take the mailbox to the area where you will be working. Saturate a rag in hot water and wring out the excess . Wipe the mailbox down to remove any dirt, excess moisture or oil that has formed on the metal.

Why do you need primer on metal?

The primer is important because it creates a textured surface that the paint needs to bond to. If the current paint job on the mailbox is very dark, you may need to use sandpaper to rough up the top coat. Remove the paint flakes …

How to clean rust off metal mailbox?

Wipe the mailbox down to remove any dirt, excess moisture or oil that has formed on the metal. Use a clean rag to dry the mailbox. Check the mailbox for any signs of rust, and use a wire brush to remove any you find from the metal.

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Can you paint metal with a drop cloth?

When you paint metal you need to do so in a well-ventilated area and with a drop cloth in place. Always use a drop cloth regardless if you are painting inside or outside in your yard. The paint can easily destroy a floor or kill a lawn. In order to paint the mailbox, you need to remove it from the mailbox post.

Can you paint a metal mailbox?

All you need are a few common supplies and a little bit of metal paint. The following article will show you how to correctly paint yourmetal mailbox in no time at all.

How to apply spray paint to metal?

Apply the first coat of spray paint once the primer driers. Choose an outdoor quality spray paint that is meant for metal. Hold the can 6 to 8 inches (c to c centimeters) away from the surface, apply a light , even coat using a side-to-side motion. Overlap each stroke by a little to prevent any gaps.

What to do if you can’t remove the flag?

If you weren’t able to remove the flag, you will have to paint around the flag. Do this by painting the mailbox, then moving the flag, and painting the bare patch that was underneath.

Why won’t my paint cure?

If it is too damp or humid, the paint may not cure properly. If it is too windy, dust and debris can get caught in the paint. Paint will dry the fastest on a hot day – but don’t choose a day that’s too hot. Then, the paint twill dry too quickly and you’ll end up with a bad finish.

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How to remove rust from a wooden post?

Use a wire brush, steel wool, or sandpaper to remove any rust or mold. If you are working on a wooden post, you might use a flat, sanding sponge. You can also use an electrical sander on the post to get the job done faster. This will give you a smooth, clean surface to work on.

What color to stencil mailbox?

Consider using a color that contrasts with your mailbox; this will make the designs more visible. For example, if your mailbox is black, try using white for the stenciled part.

How to cover a flag that you don’t want painted?

If you weren’t able to remove the hook or latch, cover them with painters tape. If you weren’t able to remove the flag, wrap it with a plastic bag; secure the plastic bag with some painters tape.

How to prep a metal mailbox for painting?

If your mailbox is in rough shape, use a metal wire brush to scrape off access flakes. Use an all-purpose cleaner or dish soap and water to thoroughly clean the box. Lightly scuff with extra-fine sandpaper and wipe clean.

What is the best paint for a metal mailbox?

We used Rustoleum Spray Paint High-Performance Enamel. Our mailbox has held up through all different types of weather.

What kind of paint for a mailbox post?

Using a quality exterior acrylic latex paint will last on your wooden post. No need to use oil-based paint as new technology allows these paints to be self-priming and mildew resistant. We used Sherwin Williams Duration Exterior Acrylic Latex.

How to paint frankenstrat pattern?

Of course, my husband did not just want a normal mailbox design. So if you are looking for a fun decorative painted mailbox, then we have you covered. First, you might be asking what is a frankenstrat pattern? Frankenstrat was Eddie Van Halen’s guitar that had this fun line painting on it and what inspired this creative mailbox. Not an Eddie Van Halen fan, you can still use this painter’s tape layering technique to create your own fun design.

Can you spray metal mailboxes?

Of course you could just stop right now and go spray your metal mailbox one color. However, my husband had otehr plans. We know not everyone will love this design, but my husband loves that we probably have one of the most unique mailbox designs in the whole city.

Is DIY painting my domain?

Normally the DIY painting projects are 100% my domain. However, my husband wanted to try his hand at a fun decorative mailbox project. If you are a Van Halen fan, you will love what he did. He was very proud when neighbors understood his tribute to the band.

Can you paint a mailbox with only one color?

If you only want one color for your mailbox, then go ahead and put it back up. You can even take the flag off and paint and add it back on. If you want a decorative mailbox idea, then keep reading.

A little backstory

We recently had the vinyl siding on our home replaced due to wind damage. It was truly in sad shape. This was right about when the workers began and started pulling down the loose pieces.

Replacing Vinyl Siding & Decisions to be Made

While it was super easy for us to decide on a color for the new vinyl siding, we simply couldn’t agree on a color for the mailbox. We chose gray for the siding ?? Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Click here for my full disclosure policy.

To Prime or Not to Prime?

It’s a little funny considering I never almost never use primer, but this is the second time in one month that I broke out the primer. At the end of the day it boils down to ‘better safe than sorry’ and when working on a project outside the realm of what I do on the day to day I would rather play it safe. So today, I prime.

Painting a Metal Mailbox

To be honest I thought blue would be a great pop of color against the gray and decided to go with a bold turquoise blue. I painted my first coat by dabbing the paint instead of using smooth strokes. You can also see the difference where I missed with the primer on the side. The ‘work in progress’ photos are always so ugly. No worries.

Black Painted Metal Mailbox

I pointed out that it seemed silly to paint a black mailbox black but I also have to admit that the update looks fresh and crisp. A little compromise can go a long way. Besides, he let me have my bold and colorful living room, so I can let him have a black painted mailbox ??

Why paint a mailbox?

Painting your mailbox will give your home a look that will stand out from the rest. Your decorative mailbox can reflect your personal ity or match the style of your home. Painted mailboxes can also complement your landscaping. Paint is an easy way to decorate that you can change as often as you like.

What is the best way to protect mailboxes from water?

Seal your paint with a clear sealant. This will help protect your mailbox design from water and weather.

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Do homeowners associations regulate mailboxes?

If you belong to a homeowner’s association, check to make sure they do not have any rules regulating your mailbox.

How do I paint a mailbox?

Follow these steps on how to make over and spray paint a mailbox. Step 1: Make sure the weather is right. You don’t want to spray paint a mailbox if the humidity or heat is too high. You also don’t want to spray paint in the cold either. Follow the directions on the cans of primer and spray paint. I primed and painted when it was about 70 degrees …

What temperature should I spray paint a mailbox?

Typically spray paints will say that temperatures should be between 50-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid painting when humidity is higher than 85%. It’s also best to avoid painting in direct sunlight. I painted on an overcast day, which was good because the metal wasn’t too hot. Before mailbox was scrubbed and washed.

How long does it take for primer to dry?

Add a second coat of primer. Step 7: Once the primer is dry (about 15 minutes depending on brand).

How to clean a mailbox with stickers?

Use a screwdriver if they are screwed on. Use a plastic putty knife to scrape them away if they are stickers. Scrub the aluminum mailbox clean using a water-based degreaser. Rinse the mailbox using a water hose.

Why is my mailbox chipping?

The culprit in this sort of wearing is virtually always poor surface preparation. Because metallic surfaces are slick and nonporous, they must be conditioned before paint will adhere to them. Unfortunately, aluminum’s durability makes friction-based abrasion techniques useless. You will need to apply a special type of primer that will abrade the surface of the mailbox, or you will eventually end up with chipping and flaking.

How long does it take for etching primer to dry?

Allow the etching primer to cure for four hours, and then apply two coats of acrylic spray paint to the mailbox. Allow two hours of dry time between coats.

How to remove address number from aluminum?

If the address numbers leave a sticky residue on the aluminum, use a rag dampened with mineral spirits to remove it.

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