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how to paint a ceiling

how to paint a ceiling插图

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The best way to paint a ceiling is to use a paint roller and work in grid-like sections of 3 square feet to 5 square feet each. This helps keep edges wet and allows you to see your progress to ensure an even coat. For smooth ceilings, use a low nap roller.

People also ask

  • Should ceiling be painted before walls or after walls?

  • Finally, don’t worry if you paint your ceiling before or after your walls鈥攅ither way is fine. Regardless of which order you paint a room, you will inevitably drip or splatter a little bit of ceiling paint on the walls or wall paint on the ceiling that will need touching up.

  • How do you paint a ceiling with high build primer?

  • Use interior latex drywall primer on a smooth or lightly textured ceiling and a high-build primer on a ceiling with a deeper texture. Allow the primer to dry completely according to instructions. Before applying the paint with rollers, use a paint brush to 鈥渃ut the corners鈥?or paint the edges where the ceiling meet the wall.

  • What kind of paint should I use to paint my Ceiling?

  • Standard white ceiling paint will brighten a room, but a colored ceiling may make the room seem bigger. Mildew and water stains will bleed through even the best paint, so it may be necessary to use a stain-blocking primer before painting.

  • How do you keep paint from sticking to the ceiling?

  • If you are painting the ceiling after you’ve painted the walls, now is the time to hang plastic sheeting around the room to protect the vertical surfaces from ceiling paint. Hang plastic sheeting over windows and doors. Then put protective painter’s tape over ceiling trim and molding.

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