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how to open a paint can

how to open a paint can插图

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To open a paint can,slide the tip of a paint can opener beneath the lip of the can and press down on the handle. Move the opener to the side just a little and repeat the motion. Work your way around the lid until it lifts up enough for you to take off the lid with your hands.

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  • How do you open a paint can lid?

  • Open the paint can a little bit at a time to maintain the shape of the lid. Continue prying the lid off in a consecutive motion. To do this, scoot the tool across the lid and lift up every 1鈦? 鈥? in (1.3鈥?.5 cm) or so. Prying all of the lid off before opening the can prevents the lid from getting deformed and bent.

  • How do you open a can of paint without breaking it?

  • For a brand new can of paint, you can use a quarter, your keys, or the back of a fork/knife to pry the lid open. There are also specific paint opener tools you can use. You’ll want to methodically work your way around the edges of the lid, moving inch by inch and prying it up until you can get the can open.

  • How do you open a paint can without a screwdriver?

  • Use a flathead screwdriver if you don鈥檛 have a paint can opener. While a paint can opener is the best way to open a paint can, you can also use a screwdriver. Be careful not to put too much pressure on the lid when using a screwdriver, or it can get deformed.

  • What tool do you use to open a paint can?

  • Luckily, there鈥檚 only one part of the painter鈥檚 tool that鈥檚 actually important when it comes to opening a paint can. Most painter鈥檚 tools have a rounded out groove above the hilt (meant for cleaning paint rollers), and above that is a flat section that looks sort of like a hammer head.

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