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how to make prints of watercolor paintings

how to make prints of watercolor paintings插图

HOW TO CREATE WATERCOLOR PRINTSLay your plastic bag out flat and spray water onto it.Next,paint onto the plastic. …Take your piece of 8.5″ x 11″ paper and place it down on top of the plastic. …Use your hands on top of the plastic to smear the paint around.Pull back the plastic and you have a beautiful watercolor print.

How to print photos on watercolor paper?

Many printers have an optional rear input slot for thicker papers to prevent the paper from bending too much. …Make sure that you feed your watercolor paper the right way. …Always use branded recommended inks. …More items…

Which watercolor paints and colors to buy?

Watercolor Starter ColorsThe Basic Watercolor Colors to Buy. When you’re first starting out,you should start with the very basics to learn color mixing. …Other Essential Watercolor ColorsGreens. Although greens are easy to mix,it’s nice to have green in your palette. …Browns. …Grays. …

How to watercolor flawlessly for beginners?

Start by wetting the square with clear water. …In the first square you will be combining cool yellow,cool blue,and cool red. …Next add some cool blue on the other side of the square. …Finally add some cool red to complete the square. …Go through the same process with the other square,only this time you will use only Warm yellow,warm blue,and warm red.

How to trace or transfer to watercolor paper?

This is how you use it:Place the graphite paper coated side down on your watercolor paper.Tape your drawing right-side-up in place on top of it.Use a pencil (or even a pen) to trace the drawing onto the working surface.When you’re finished tracing,simply remove the drawing and graphite paper.

How to mount a DSLR camera to a wall?

Mount your art to an easel or wall using a level and make sure it is square to the camera. Mount your DSLR camera to a tripod and make sure your camera’s angle is perpendicular to the painting. Look in the viewfinder to make sure the art is square and even on all sides.

What to do if playback doesn’t begin?

If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

How much does Debbie Gartner make a year?

Debbie Gartner explains exactly how she created a blog that makes her six figures a year.

What are the pros and cons of hiring a reproduction service?

The pros of hiring a reproduction service are that you do not have to spend the time required to photograph the art , edit the digital image, and create the prints. The con is that there is a substantial price working with professional reproduction services, and many services require a print minimum.

How to print artwork?

There are three options you can choose from for printing your artwork: 1 Local Printing Service 2 Online Printing Service 3 Print them at home

Can you put off softbox lighting?

You can choose to put it off until there is a sunny day or use a professional Softbox lighting kit.

Is watercolor art selling well?

There is no questioning that watercolor paintings and watercolor cards are selling well online. But offering fine art at a fair price for the time invested in creating original art and thecost of watercolors is too expensive for most art collectors. Instead of waiting for an art collector who is willing to invest in an original piece of art, …

What size is a MOO sticker?

MOO is an excellent place to print stickers of your art. They do not make art prints (their largest print size is a 8 x 5.5 inch flyer) but they do print notecards and postcards. BUY YOUR OWN PRINTER!

What is a pro photo lab?

PRO PHOTO LABS are a great option for getting excellent, professional quality prints at an affordable price. Most of these photo labs have affordable or free shipping and allow you to purchase small batches. They are limited, however, in what products are available.

How big should I order supplies for an 8×10 print?

Be sure to order supplies that are at least ¼ inch larger than your artwork. For instance, for a 8×10 inch art print, I would order 8.25×10.25 bags, and 8.5×10.5 envelopes.

How to protect art prints?

To protect your art prints, use plastic sleeves and stiff envelops for all of your shipments. Amazon has some options for these products. Here are additional retailers that offer custom sizes:

What is Society 6?

SOCIETY 6 makes excellent prints. They also handle inventory management and distribution. All you have to do is upload your images, set up the products you want to offer, and let the sales roll in. The downside? They take a big cut out of your profits. Also, if you want to sell your products at a craft fair or on etsy, this is an expensive way to get them created.

Can ProDPI print to cardstock?

I have experience with ProDPI and I love them for printing notecards…but they do not print to cardstock, and their watercolor prints are too expensive. WHCC is another great option, and they print to an array of cardstock options, including one that has a watercolor texture.

Where to drop off tracking information?

If you want tracking information on your packages, however, you will need to drop your packages off at the local post office. You can still print your labels at home, as it will save you some money, but you will need the post office attendant to scan each package so that the tracking information is in their system.

How Do Artists Approach a Printing Company?

You’ve done your research, asked around, searched online, scoured the small ads in specialist magazines and you’ve decided on a printer. Let’s face it, it’s a calculated gamble.

What is a giclee print?

Giclee printing – Small runs from a company using digital printers. Giclee printing – DIY at home using a pro-printer. Dropshipping – Individual prints ordered online and dispatched for you. They are the choices, but there’s far more to it than that.

What is dropshipping in business?

Dropshipping is when a third party fulfills and despatches an order on your behalf. You act as the merchant or middleman and add your markup.

How long does Epson ink last?

The leading manufacturers, Epson and Canon both claim their pigment inks are lightfast for a lifetime (about 100 years). Of course, unlike offset-litho, the industry is young and their claims have not had time to be field-tested. All the test results are extrapolations based on lab tests.

What is offset litho?

Offset litho prints are made using a zinc-coated plate, photo-etched with the artist’s image, upon which ink is applied and pressed against the paper. That’s the simplest summary but of course, there is far more to it. Reproducing art is a skilled job and a specialist printing company is required.

How big is an A3 scan?

You can scan images up to A3 (420 x 297mm /11.69 x 16.53 inches) without a problem and the professional processing cuts out all the headaches.

What color is a paper swatch?

When presented with a paper swatch you will encounter a range of whites from dazzling snow-white to a dull cream. Naturally, your chosen tint will alter the image.

What is the best way to capture watercolors?

Scanning is currently my preferred way to capture watercolors in digital format. It is the easiest way to ensure that you get flat and vibrant reproduction of your colors.

Why do I try to keep it simple and not fiddle too much?

I try to keep it simple and not fiddle TOO much because I personally believe if you try to adjust too much in Photoshop, it is easy to make your art look over-processed. I would rather it look more like the original, wouldn’t you?

What software do I use to clean up watercolor paintings?

For those you that are just figuring this out and are less familiar with the software programs, I’m going to show you how I get my watercolor paintings into my computer and cleaned up using Adobe Photoshop.

How to save a PNG file?

To save, go to File>Export As… and choose PNG under the file type.

How to crop a photo in Photoshop?

After opening your file in Photoshop, use the Crop tool (keyboard shortcut: c) and crop your art down. All you should be left with is your art work somewhat centered with some white (textured) paper showing around it.

How to start a new file?

Start a new file. Go to File>New (keyboard shortcut: command/ctrl+N).

What does it mean when you take a picture from above?

Photographing from above means there is some room for error if you tilt the camera and skew the perspective. Just be sure to try to keep your camera lens parallel to the artwork or use a tripod if you have one.

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