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how to distress chalk paint

how to distress chalk paint插图

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StepsPrepare to PaintApply Chalk Paint in Thin Layers. This paint has hardly any scent,so can be used indoors.Allow to Fully DrySand to Smooth and/or Distress. The fine grit will leave a silky smooth finish and help you get a feel for how much pressure to apply before the original …Seal with WaxEnjoy the Finished Product

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  • How to distress furniture with chalk paint?

  • Here is how to distress furniture with chalk paint: Using a paintbrush, apply the primer color to the furniture. Leave it to dry. Once the base color is dry, get a clean paintbrush to apply the second color. Avoid applying too much because you need… Once dry, add a coat of chalk wax. Use a chalk …

  • What kind of paint do you use to distress painted furniture?

  • Chalk Paint cures (hardens) fast, dries fast, and sands like a dream. So, it鈥檚 my favorite paint to use when I want to distress painted furniture. You can find lots of great chalk paint colors on Amazon or at stores like Michael鈥檚 and Hobby Lobby. Or, you can make your own chalk paint from latex interior paint using this chalk paint recipe.

  • How do you fix chalk paint on wood?

  • Run your hand across the piece to find any rough patches that might need sanding (but remember, you do NOT need to sand the entire piece when using Chalk Paint 鈥?鈥?even if it鈥檚 varnished!). Remove any sticky gunk with soap and water or one of my favorite products, Goo Gone. Fill any holes with wood glue.

  • How do you make distressed paint look distressed?

  • Creating a distressed look. This is Called 鈥渨et distressing鈥?because you used water to create the distressed look to your painted furniture. This technique works great for chalk based or mineral based paints! I have found that with latex paints the latex becomes rubbery and really does not wet distress well.

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