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how to create a marble effect with paint

how to create a marble effect with paint插图

Time to give it a marble look with this painting technique:Pour the first color that’ll serve as your “base” onto a paint tray. …Repeat step number 1 with other colors. …Take the wool pad and add a small amount of each paint color onto it. …Let the initial surface dry overnight.Once the area is dry,mix 1 part of white paint and 3 parts of water in a container or paint tray.More items

How to paint a marble effect faux finish?

Paint a Faux Marble FinishPaint the Base Coat. First,paint the surface to be marbleized completely black. …Dab on the Contrasting Colors. After the black paint dries,put swirls of gray and green paint on a plate. …Add Marble Veins. After the gray and green paint dries,you can add veins to the marble. …Add a Custom Touch. …

How to paint a floor to look like marble?

How to Paint a Floor to Look Like MarblePrepare the Floor for Painting. Prepare the floor for painting. …Apply Painter’s Tape. Tape along the bottom of the walls or baseboard with masking tape or painter’s tape.Start With a Base Coat. Apply a base coat of white satin paint. …Mix the Glazes. Mix the two glazes. …Apply the Glazes. …Apply the White Satin Paint. …Finish With a Sealer. …

How to paint MDF easily?

InstructionsSand Surface and Edges. With #220 grit sandpaper on a sanding block,lightly sand the surface. …Apply Sanding Sealer. Stir the sanding sealer to mix. …Sand Surface. Let the sanding sealer dry for at least one hour. …Clean MDF Surface. …Apply Second Coat of Sealer. …Sand Second Coat of Sealer. …Apply Filler to Edges. …

How to marbleize with paint?

a Small Bucket you don’t care about (we used a left over ice cream bucket – but it depends on the size of the object you are marbleizing 1 ||Fill your bucket with water. Quickly spray your paint for 2-3 seconds. 2 ||Take your paint stick and gently move the paint around to make swirls. 3 ||quickly dip your object into paint/water and pull up.

How to apply extreme sheen to pots?

Using a 1” angled brush apply a coat of Extreme Sheen in Pewter in a single flowing stroke around the entire pot.

How to make a spotted texture?

Scrunch up a plastic baggie and dab the painted areas creating a spotted texture throughout .

What paint do you use to make marble?

Creating the look of marble using a mix of matte and metallic paint.

Can you use terracotta pots for fresh flowers?

And although I styled them with faux grasses, I sealed the terracotta pots before hand ( and after) just in case I ever wanted to use the pots for fresh plants and flowers. Terracotta absorbs all moisture when wet so it’s important to not forget this step when crafting with this type of a surface. Otherwise, the paint will crack and peel over time.

Were your walls textured?

Our walls were not textured before starting this project. If your walls are textured, I would recommend skim coating your walls to make them smooth before starting.

Can you use this painted marble technique on a countertop?

Absolutely! This technique can be used anywhere. If you are painting countertops, I would recommend looking into a product that is made specifically for countertops, like this kit.

How many paint colors do you need?

You need at least 2 paint colors. 1 for the base and 1 for the veining. We used a total of 3 colors for the veining and it added some nice variation, but you can use a single paint color and achieve variation in color by adding different amounts of water.

What to do if you have a sponge on a wall?

If your sponge left undesired sponge marks, you can wipe the marks using baby wipes. Use baby wipes along the way to clean up any paint that you didn’t intend to be on the wall.

How to get rid of drips on paint?

If you notice a drip, immediately wipe it off using a baby wipe. Once you spritz the wall, gently dab the paint with a clean, damp sea sponge. This will soften the lines and help blend it. Keep dabbing until you reach your desired look.

How to paint a line on marble?

Brush. The first option is a brush. This is great for thicker, longer lines. Using a paint brush like the one pictures above, lightly paint a line for your marble. Don’t worry about keeping it straight or consistent. Add some bumps along the way and paint with more or less pressure to add more variation.

How to get a sponge to be flexible?

Dampen one of your sea sponges. Squeeze out the excess water. You want to get your sea sponge damp so that it is flexible, but you don’t want it to be dripping.

4 Ways to Achieve the Marble Effect With Paint

When adding class and luxury to a home, marble is one of the go-to materials, as it exudes a regal feel. Any surface made from marble, whether it be walls, counters, or floors, will garner a lot of positive reactions.

What Are the Styles for Marble Painting on Walls?

Since real marble comes in many colors ranging from light to dark shades, there are a couple of “styles” you can try to replicate on your walls. Here are four common ways to get the marble “look” using paint:

Other Tips to Improve Your Paint Job

Don’t forget these other reminders too so you can give your walls a marble makeover:

How to marbleize a sponge?

Now that it’s soft, dip it firmly into the swirled paint, then lightly dab the sponge straight down onto the black surface, only once per dabbed area. Keep dabbing away on the entire surface, dipping into the plate for more paint as needed. Before each dab, rotate the sponge slightly to the left or right to give a more random appearance to the overall pattern. Another way to modify the marbleize effect is to first cut out pieces of the sponge surface with scissors to create larger paint gaps on the surface. In this instructable, I used the sponge as is with no pieces cut out.

What colors of paint do you need for a feather?

The items you need are: 4 colors of paint: black, gray, dark green, and white (In my case, I used black spray paint, and acrylic for the other colors. The type of paint doesn’t seem to matter.) A feather (You can buy these at crafts stores, or you can used a twisted up sheet of paper.

How to make marble look black?

Of course, it’s ideal if the surface is glass-like smooth, so if it’s not, first use a filling agent like sanding sealer or wood filler to make the surface smooth. Even if the surface isn’t smooth, the effect is still quite nice. Ask Question.

Can you use paper instead of feathers?

As mentioned, you can also use a twisted up piece of paper instead of a feather. Dab the paint onto the surface in a series of "tree branch" patterns. Be sure to lightly dab the feather in the paint, and lightly dab it onto the surface, as you don’t want the veins to be too heavy.

Can you be creative with veins?

You can even be creative/silly and create specific patterns with the veins.

How to update old furniture?

One of the easiest and most impactful ways to update old furniture is to paint it. And you can take it up another notch by adding a decorative faux marble finish . While this project looks difficult, it’s actually quite basic-you just need some paint, a handful of tools and a smidgen of patience.

How to make a smoky look?

Sponge over the gray to create a smoky look. Then sponge white randomly on top of the gray.

What color paint to use for veins?

Use a very small paintbrush and the darker shade of gray to create more precise veins.

How to make gray paint?

In separate containers, mix white and black paint to create two different shades of gray. Also, keep a small container of the white nearby. Add a couple of teaspoons of water to all colors to thin them out.

How long does it take for a polyurethane table to dry?

Finally, apply two coats of clear, water-based polyurethane with a satin finish. Allow a full 24 hours for the table to completely dry before using it.

Painting Marble Effect Products & Tools

The main product used in this tutorial is called Marble Effect Spray and you can purchase your very own can of marble spray paint on our website. You can choose between three color options, black marble effect spray paint, silver marble spray paint, and white marble effect spray paint. Purchase all three as a bundle and save!

How To Create a White Marble Effect Using Spray Paint

Watch this recorded live stream video of Mike and Katherine demonstrate how they turn a blank white laminate canvas into a beautiful marble effect spray paint epoxy countertop. To learn how to do a marble effect with spray paint skip to the 39:25 part of the video where Mike will take you through the steps on creating a white marble countertop.

How To Do Black Marble Effect with Spray Paint

Watch this video of Mike creating a one-of-a-kind black marble effect with spray paint.

Marble Spray Paint Countertops Tutorial

One of the first steps to getting started on your project is to make sure your working surface is clean and clear of any marks and debris. So giving your laminate or MDF countertop a quick wipe is always recommended.

How to paint a wall with a diagonal line?

Step 2: Apply Diagonal Lines. To start painting, dip a large brush into the first paint color. Apply paint to the wall in heavy, diagonal, blotchy lines. Repeat with all colors, alternating as you work your way across the wall.

How to apply wool paint to a wall?

Apply a small amount of each paint color to the wool pad. Use the pad to apply the same diagonal lines to the wall, blending together as you go. Allow the paint to dry overnight.

How to make marble veins?

To make the marble veins, mix 1 part white paint with 3 parts water. Dip a large feather into the paint and water mixture, wiping off any excess.

How to make a wool pad for a rug?

Step 1: Prep for Painting. Prepare the room by laying down drop cloths and applying painters tape to the trim. Open paint cans and give them a stir. If they’re too sticky, add one cup of water per gallon of paint to thin it out. Then, de-fuzz the wool pad with a piece of tape or a lint roller.

Can you paint marble on an accent wall?

We found a way to capture everything you love about marble and recreate the look in a painted wall treatment. Our easy how-to will show you the materials and technique needed to get a marbleized finish on an accent wall. As a bonus, this DIY project will not break the bank. All you need is a few buckets of paint and some crafts supplies.

Is marble heavy?

But as exquisite as marble might be, there are many considerations that need to be made before its installation. For one thing, marble is heavy and requires specific supports before it can be installed. Plus, it’s an expensive material and often requires special cleaning considerations.

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