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how to clean painted cabinets

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How to Clean Painted CabinetsWipe Them Down Regularly. Making a habit of wiping down your cabinets everyday with a soft microfiber cloth or sponge is a good way to keep them in like-new …Clean Up Spills Swiftly. Don鈥檛 wait until the end of the day to wipe down the counters if there is a spill. …Always Use Soft Cloths or Sponges. When you must wipe away grease splatters or scrub out a stain,make sure to always use a soft cloth or sponge.Use Gentle Grease Cutting Determents. When you must tackle tough dirt and stains,use a gentle determent. Avoid any household cleaners with bleach or ammonia.

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  • How to clean paint off of wood cabinets?

  • 1 Test your cleaning solution on a discreet section of your painted cabinets. … 2 Pour part of the solution into a spray bottle if you have one available. … 3 Soak a microfiber cloth in the solution and wring it out. … 4 Using a gentle circular motion, scrub the cabinets with the microfiber cloth. More items…

  • How do you clean painted cabinets with microfiber cloth?

  • Using a gentle circular motion, scrub the cabinets with the microfiber cloth. Wet a second microfiber cloth with just warm water and use it to wipe away any residue of the cleaning solution off the painted cabinet. Use a third soft cloth to dry the cupboards.

  • How to clean matte finish kitchen cabinets?

  • Clean Using Vinegar Vinegar is a cleaning marvel when it comes to cabinets. You should not have any reservations using it to clean your matte finish kitchen cupboards. Vinegar is a natural acid and will help lift off any oily and greasy dirt.

  • How to clean kitchen cabinets without removing them?

  • Spray it onto or apply it to a damp cloth or sponge. Spot clean the area with circular motions. Once the area is clean, wipe it dry with another cloth. Gentle and consistent cleaning are the keys to keeping your cabinets looking fresh and new.

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