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can you use exterior paint inside

can you use exterior paint inside插图

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You cantechnically decorate insideyour house with exteriorpaint, but you only should use it in certain situations. It鈥檚 because exteriorpaintcontains dangerous chemicals that protect houses from outside elements like sunlight, snow, and rain. These chemicals are harmful to human health, especially accessing them regularly.

People also ask

  • Can you use exterior paint indoors and outdoors?

  • While technically you can use exterior paint indoors and interior paint outdoors, there are a lot of good reasons not to, and we鈥檝e listed them below. But first, here鈥檚 a short primer (sorry, we couldn鈥檛 resist!) on the main types of interior and exterior paint:

  • What is the difference between interior paint and exterior paint?

  • What鈥檚 the difference between interior and exterior paint? The main difference between interior and exterior paint is the chemical compounds at its core. Indoor paints are designed to withstand scrubbing and cleaning, whereas exterior paint is designed to be waterproof, fight sun, mold and mildew.

  • Can you use exterior paint inside a bathroom?

  • Knowing that interior surfaces can have the same problems as exterior surfaces, one might want to turn towards an exterior paint to solve the a bathroom problem because of its wonderful benefits of withstanding the elements, but this is not a good solution. In fact, an exterior paint can cause more harm than good when using it indoors.

  • Can you paint over exterior paint fumes?

  • People that find the fumes from an exterior paint unbearable in your interior dwelling can fix the problem by painting again with an interior paint, but there are important steps to follow. Remove as much of the old paint as possible by scraping and sanding down the surface.

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