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can you paint apartment walls

can you paint apartment walls插图

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You can paint the walls in your apartmentif your landlord permits it. But read your rental lease for more information. And always let your landlord know about your intentions. Tenants can get in trouble for not asking their property manager first.

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  • Can you paint the walls of a rental apartment?

  • Painting your walls can make your rental apartment feel like home or serve as an outlet for creative expression. Unfortunately, most landlords won’t allow it. If you’re the daring sort, find out how to paint your walls and get away with it when it鈥檚 time to move out.

  • Can I paint my apartment back to its original color?

  • While you can usually purchase paint for cheap at a hardware store, you might not get so lucky when it comes to painting your apartment back to its original color. Most times, apartment complexes contract out the painting, so you may be suckered into buying paint through them at a much higher cost.

  • What can I use instead of paint in an apartment?

  • Use colorful curtains. If you want to add a pop of color to a wall or two, hanging fabric is a great alternative to paint. Curtains are affordable, and are easy to hang. Once you move out of the apartment, you can bring them with you without having to worry about the damage left behind.

  • What kind of wallpaper can I put on my apartment walls?

  • These include: Temporary wallpaper: Instead of painting a unit, a tenant can install temporary wallpaper. This paper, from sites such as Tempaper, has a self-adhesive that can easily be removed, leaving the walls damage free, prior to moving out.

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