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can you paint aluminum siding

can you paint aluminum siding插图

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You can paint your aluminum siding injust about any color once your primer has dried. Very bright colors might need a lightly tinted or white base, but most common home colors can be painted directly over your metal primer. The sheen of the paint is just as important as its color.

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  • Can you paint over primer on aluminum siding?

  • Once the primer is dry, it is time to start painting! You can brush or spray paint onto aluminum siding once it has been primed. If you choose to use a brush, work with small batches of paint, and try to stay in the shade. Since aluminum heats up in the sun, paint will also thicken and set quicker.

  • Is it cheaper to paint or replace aluminum siding?

  • Instead of replacing old aluminum siding, it is often more cost effective to repaint it. It’s a very straightforward process and, provided you can set aside preparation and painting time, it is something most homeowners can do without professional assistance. Ensure that you’re dealing with aluminum.

  • Can you paint aluminum siding with a roller?

  • You can paint your aluminum siding using a traditional paint roller. You will need: You are going to need to keep the following things in mind while you are painting the siding with a roller. You want to apply two coats of paint instead of one thick coat Apply the paint according to the direction of the siding.

  • When is the best time of year to paint aluminum siding?

  • Aluminum siding is best painted in dry, warm seasons. Paint during the early part of the day, before the sun begins to shine on the siding. Avoid painting when it is rainy or overly humid.

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