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can vinyl windows be painted

can vinyl windows be painted插图

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Some manufacturers may state in their paperwork that you can paint your vinyl window frames鈥攂ut only if you use certain light colors. They may even require you to send in a paint sample for them to approve before you move forward,if you want to protect your warranty. This is due to how vinyl responds to solar heat.

People also ask

  • What happens if you paint over vinyl windows?

  • In some cases, any painting you do to your vinyl window frames can void the warranty. If anything goes wrong with your windows, the manufacturer won鈥檛 be obliged to make fixes. That could mean you鈥檒l end up needing new home windows anyway, and you鈥檒l be out the money you spent on paint.

  • What color should I paint my vinyl window frames?

  • With this scale, 100 is white. If you have sandtone or terratone colored vinyl frames, you can paint them with any color that has a Hunter L value of 40 or higher. Some types of dark vinyl windows, such as forest green, should not be painted. Neutral colors such as brown, gray, or beige are typically a good choice.

  • Can you paint over vinyl flooring?

  • Vinyl鈥檚 sleek surface is designed to look good upon installation, but that same shiny surface makes it extremely resistant to paint. Rather than soaking in color nicely like wood, or handling new paint well like fiber cement, vinyl repels new paint.

  • What kind of paint should I use to paint my windows?

  • If you are set on painting your windows, finding the right paint and primer is your first priority. Different brands recognize the need for these paints and offer vinyl safe paint in cans, in spray paint form and reflective polyurethane enamel.

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