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can lowes match paint color from a picture

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How do you get a paint color match at Lowes?

You can get a paint color match at Lowes if you bring a sample paint, a fabric that matches the painted surface, RGB paint codes, or a photo of the desired paint. Lowes uses a spectrophotometer to analyze and match your paint. The machine may not give an exact match but will provide you with at least a 90% match.

Does Lowe’s have paint samples?

Lowe’s offers a great color match guarantee and a free replacement if you are unhappy with the color you chose. They also offer a variety of paint brands and colors to choose from as well as free paint chips as small samples that you can take home. You can also buy 8-ounce sample paints at a very low cost.

Can You color match painted furniture?

If a blogger mentions a paint color from the paint line they’re using, but there’s not a local retailer for nearby for that particular paint line, you can color match it to a Sherwin-Williams color using ColorSnap. Now back to color matching painted furniture.

Can You tint Benjamin Moore paint into Lowes paint?

Like a Benjamin Moore color, but want it tinted into a Lowe’s Home Improvement paint like Valspar Cabinet Furniture enamel. It’s possible and I’ll show you how! Yes, you can tint other brands color into Lowe’s and Home Depot brands of paints!

How does ColorSnap work?

Here’s how it works… Take a photo of any room (or screenshot one you see online) and ColorSnap will work its magic. Instantly, you’ll see color matches for up to eight colors in the room. If you’d like to match a different color in the photo, simply drag the color circle around the photo.

Can you use ColorSnap to match a wall color?

You could also use ColorSnap to color match artwork or a wall color in your own home. Just snap a photo and ColorSnap to match it. Here’s a photo of Thrifty Decor Chick’s living room. I really love the neutral colors she uses throughout her home.

Is the color you see on screen the same as the color you see in real life?

Remember, the colors you see on screen are not always the colors you see in real life. But it’s the color on-screen that you’re attracted to so a little variation from the actual color is okay.

What do you have to tell them about sheen?

All you have to tell them is that you want a sample and the sheen you are matching.

Who owns Valspar paint?

Valspar is owned by Sherwin Williams and our group trained the Lowe’s Paint Department staff about our products. Plus we studied all of the paint manufacturer’s brand’s features and benefits, so when I tell you this is possible it’s DEFINITELY possible.

Can you tint paint at Home Depot?

Yes, you can tint other brands color into Lowe’s and Home Depot brands of paints! I’ll explain how and why it works plus how to make sure you get the right color the first time. The specific example I’ve photographed is at Lowe’s Home Improvement, but can be used at any paint store.

Do you have to have a sample tinted before buying a gallon?


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