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can i paint ikea hemnes furniture

can i paint ikea hemnes furniture插图


Can IKEA furniture be painted?

Even the best IKEA hack can be ruined by a bad paint job! In this tutorial on how to paint IKEA furniture, I’ll show you my best tricks to make IKEA furniture look expensive and last longer! Peeling paint, dried-on drips, and roller marks are not the hallmarks of a high-end furniture piece.

What is the closest mattress to Benjamin Moore to IKEA?

Closest Benjamin Moore match, Acadia White, OC-38 (but not really a great match): If you don’t actually have an IKEA Hemnes piece of furniture and you are just trying to copy the look, any one of these would work.

How to make your IKEA furniture more durable?

If you want to make your IKEA furniture extremely durable and waterproof, you can add a clear coat . Although this is an optional step, it’s probably a smart move if you are refinishing a piece that will get a lot of use or cold glasses set on it. Just paint on the primer with a foam brush and you can follow the directions on the can.

What kind of primer do you use on IKEA furniture?

Usually, I use a water-based primer but for laminate furniture, I recommend an oil-based primer called Zinnser Cover Stain (see the current price here) for the plastic veneer of IKEA pieces. Although it is oil-based, it doesn’t have a strong smell and it has better adhesion that water-based primers.

What paint should I use for a chalky finish?

My favourite latex brands to use are Valspar , or Wickes, but sometimes I may use Rustins blackboard paint if I want a chalky finish. I usually apply 2 -3 coats of paint depending on the look I’m going for and always use a foam roller (but you can also use a paint brush or spray it on with a paint sprayer)

How long does it take for polyurethane to cure?

If you do choose to use wax as a sealant, ensure you are using a wax brush or cloth to apply it and also that you are leaving it the recommended amount of time to cure (normally about 24hrs). When applying polyurethane a good quality paint brush is enough, but again it needs to be left to dry before applying further coats.

What to use to coat newly painted furniture?

Coating your newly painted surface with either a clear non-yellowing varnish(polyurethane) or  a clear wax ensures it remains protected for years to come. If you plan on using your furniture in a high traffic area, then using a Varnish/polyurethane may work out better in the long run.

Does Ikea furniture need to be sanded?

Most IKEA furniture, have a laminate wax type coating that makes it difficult for paint to stick effectively to its surface. I know it may be a controversial choice, but I ALWAYS sand as part of my prepping routine . In my opinion, the sanding process just helps to scuff and dull the surface a little, giving the primer something to grip on to.

Is Ikea hacking?

The process of repurposing or updating IKEA furniture, also known widely as ‘IKEA Hacking’, is quite the craze these days (hence the birth of the IKEA Hackers website). There are lots of different ways to achieve a hack – but the simplest method of all and my favourite, is just to paint IKEA furniture.

Can you use chalk paint for top coat?

Now that you have primed your surface like a pro – you can use just about any type of paint ( latex, milk or chalk ) for your top coat. Personally I like to use latex (emulsion) paint as I find it more cost effective than chalk paint. I also love the easy coverage and application of it.

Can you use foam brushes to apply primer?

I like to use cheap foam brushes to apply primer to avoid brush marks. I’d like to add here that sometimes I do get away with just using spray on primer applied in very thin layers s…as long as it doesn’t scratch off once dry… you’re on to a good start!

Why is primer important?

Next, it’s time to prime! Primer is important because it helps your paint stick to the laminate like glue. I like to say that primer sticks to things and things stick to primer.

How to make Ikea furniture look expensive?

One way to make IKEA furniture look expensive is by sanding the outer edges of your piece slightly. One telltale sign of painted laminate is that it has very sharp corners. Wood has slightly rounded corners because it expands some after drying.

What is Ikea furniture?

IKEA furniture is mostly pine chipboard with a plastic veneer glued to the surface. The plastic veneer is actually paper that is textured and painted by the manufacturer. Then a clear plastic coating is sprayed on top to make it hard. Because laminate is so slick, paint doesn’t adhere to it nearly as well as wood.

What are Ikea hacks?

IKEA hacks allow you to have your own unique furniture creation at a fraction of the price.

How long does it take for primer to dry before painting?

After letting your primer dry for 2-3 hours, it’s time to paint! Use your paint roller again to roll on your choice of paint color working in long vertical strokes like in the video. I like to go over the edges first and then do the middle of each side. After you have painted your furniture piece, give each side a good look to catch any drips.

Why do you not want to sand laminate?

In fact, you do not want to sand off the top layer of laminate because you don’t want the fiberboard underneath absorbing paint.

What paint should I use for furniture?

Latex Paint – After I blind-tested and reviewed 24 furniture paints, I recommend Benjamin Moore Advance. You can see the full results for each paint brand here: The Absolute Best Paint for Furniture

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